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May 2004
Released: 2004, Sony BMG Finland
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This season they came back... more vicious, more evil, deadlier than ever before... and that goes specifically to these somewhat sensational Finnish monsters Lordi´s imago whose visual side has really grown into something unique during the last decade or so. First of all, as a short, tiny info for those people who are totally clueless what I´m talking about here, Finland´s Lordi was thrown to a great public´s eye two years ago by their very professionally made and visually impressive monster imago which was finally supported by the band´s long-awaited debut album called GET HEAVY (which has now sold a respected amount worldwide, nearly 50.000 units all in all; in their home country Finland it sold platinum). GET HEAVY contained material from Lordi´s 10-or-so-years period, including a hit single song “Would You Love a Monsterman? which became an instant classic amongst their fans in no time.

So, keeping all these facts in our minds, I guess it would be fair to expect that the band´s 2nd album that was released here in Finland just recently, could continue from that firm ground that these infamously horrible looking creatures in Lord (in a very positive sense of the word, of course!) have created below their gigantic feet. And they do; nothing has changed musically that much after all, even if it needs to be mentioned that the band has even been brave enough to add even a bit lighter yet more experimental elements into their follow-up opus that indeed leaves us even less space to put them under certain category as far as Lordi´s sound in general is concerned. Just listen to f.ex. such songs off THE MONSTERICAN DREAM as “Fire in the Hole” in which Pain crosses Abba meets Kiss musically and the album´s last song called “Kalmageddon” that could well be some Rob Zombie song more than anything else actually. Well, at least in my opinion.

Other than that, having a fair listening journey through THE MONSTERICAN DREAM, you cannot avoid hearing influences from Kiss, Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister and the likes in the band´s sound either - those bands are actually the ones why there exists a band called Lordi.

THE MONSTERICAN DREAM´s recipe follows pretty accurately the very same water-proof recipe that was strongly presented on GET HEAVY already. A variable mix of some of the coolest ingredients from Heavy Rock, Hard Rock and Rock with a strong entertainment, kind of ´let´s-make-this-party-worthwhile´ -value for all things safe, familiar, but damn catchy is what makes THE MONSTERICAN DREAM so easy to listen to and become one with it without going any hard times of the very 1st spinning of it. There´s no closed doors on the album; they are all wide-open and ready to welcome you to the big massive party of these ear-friendly monsters. As a matter of speaking, the songs on THE MONSTERICAN DREAM are offered without any single surprises that you already wouldn´t know of in advance. It´s like asking from someone: “Do you enjoy your cheese served with a bottle of red wine...?”.

Also, if you are looking for “Do You Love a Monsterman? – Part Two”, it´s very unlikely that you´ll find one from Lordi´s new album. But on the other hand, Lordi has already proved, too, they aren´t any one song miracle. Their sense for relatively cliché-filled yet still criminally catchy song arrangements is present all the time on the album and it´s even very safe to say if you liked the band´s previous album GET HEAVY, you obviously won´t find THE MONSTERICAN DREAM as a letdown album for you, I suppose (although I have no guts to bet my left arm for that either...).

Oh, I almost forgot: A limited edition for THE MONSTERICAN DREAM CD also contains a 30 min. long horror movie called THE KIN as bonus DVD (hardly scary, but still worth watching, tho) where these lovely creatures of Lordi play different roles in the script, so be quick in order to get it or be a cry-baby afterwards for not being quick enough! For true fans only...
Track Listing

01. Threatical Trailer
02. Bring It On (The Raging Hounds Return)
03. Blood Red Sandman
04. My Heaven Is Your Hell
05. Pet the Destroyer
06. The Children of the Night
07. Wake the Snake
08. Shotgun Divorce
09. Forsaken Fashion Dolls
10. Haunted Town
11. Fire in the Hole
12. Magistra Nocte
13. Kalmageddon


Lordi – Vocals
Amen – Guitar & backing vocals
Kita – Drums & backing vocals
Kalma – Bass & backing vocals
Enary – keyboards & backing vocals

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