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Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy)
November 2016
Released: 2016, AFM Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I was writing some album reviews in late October and I was in the Halloween spirit…Halloween is after all the ‘Heavy Metal Holy Day’! Please enjoy this mini-seasonal themed set of reviews of 10 albums by Cradle Of Filth Ichabod Krane, Lordi, Metal Witch, October 31, Poltergeist, Sleepy Hollow, Them and Trick or Treat!

The bands second most prolific and popular monster band (following GWAR) are back with a new album, just in time for Halloween. If you count their first indie album, this is the bands ninth album at a very commendable pace of an album every couple of years since 2002. This time they have added a bit of a twist, a two-part album!

The album has a long and awkward title, but wordy titles are nothing new to Lordi. MONSTEREOPHONIC: Theaterror vs. Demonarcy is actually quite a clever title and it is appropriate as well. The first half of the album contains classic Lordi, stand-up, sing-along songs. The second half is actually a mini-concept album. Mashed together you get quite an interesting release. The ‘fun’ songs of part one all run in the three to four minute range, simple songs with catchy choruses and the patented Lordi humour. See songs such as ‘ Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I Want To Be The Beast-Man In The Masters Of The Universe) The second part is a bit more complex with longer songs (in the 6-7 minute range) that demonstrate a more serious darker side of Lordi. It is a good balance. I’m sure fans will pick their sides. After the traditional creepy intro (SCG8) the band launch into half a dozen keyboard-laden, poppy monster-Metal tunes. The stand out is ‘Down With The Devil’ and a nice surprise in the slower ballad and ever-creepy song ‘Mary Is Dead’ with great lyrics that would make Alice Cooper proud. ‘Demonarchy’ is a bit of a gothic Halloween horror story with vampires, werewolves and a gathering of witches in a cabin in the deep dark woods. As always the production on MONSTEREOPHONIC is very trebly and sterile, but that is their style and I like it. Lordi can pull off just little silly fun things like a tiny bit of well-placed, well-timed cowbell and make it fun and make it work. Did I mention keyboards? Lots of keyboards!

Lordi found and perfected their signature style very early on and a whole ton of music fans, Metalheads and more casual Hard Rock people jumped on the scarewagon. MONSTEREOPHONIC does not disappoint.
Track Listing

1. SCG8: One Message Waiting
2. Let's Go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna Be the Beast-Man in the Masters of the Universe)
3. Hug You Hardcore
4. Down with the Devil
5. Mary Is Dead
6. Sick Flick
7. None for One
8. SCG VIII: Opening Scene
9. Demonarchy
10. The Unholy Gathering
11. Heaven Sent Hell on Earth
12. And the Zombie Says
13. Break of Dawn
14. The Night The Monsters Died


Mr. Lordi Vocals
Amen Guitar
Ox Bass
Hella Keyboards
Mana Drums



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