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November 2008
Released: 2008, Sony BMG Finland
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

So, our lovely Finnish monsters have returned back among us with their 4th full-length album, titled DEADACHE (which, by the way, is a title for a very old Lordi song when the band was still demoing songs only - and sharing a small basement with some other bands back in the day) - with a new line-up, new tricks and such. As incredible as it may sound like, the band´s previous album, THE AROCKALYPSE, sold more than 350.000 units worldwide - and it´s still selling very well like hot pancakes in some market place of Moscow.

DEADACHE (also a slang word for being dead-tired, I suppose), contains 13 new monster lullabies, plus a cover version from one of the teenage girls' most favorite Finnish band from the ´80s, Dingo - gosh!), and basically all I can say is that Lordi have decided to sail across the lands and seas with the same familiar concept as they have done with their previous 3 albums. When you start spinning the disc and hear the first chords coming out from this album, the first words that get collected on the top of your tongue, are: "Hey, this must be Lordi...!". Lordi have created their own well-recognizable, signature sound for their albums, which is mostly based on ´80s hard rock, with tiny doses of metal. The monster concept that has been wrapped up around Lordi´s stuff, has always worked out well for them like a cheesy, childhood cartoon; the more monsters, blood and guts, the better, of corpse.

With DEADACHE, there´s more of gruesome monsters - more of blood and guts - and more of everything on offer on these monsters´ latest output. The songs don´t differ musically that much from anything they have released on their albums thus far. I mean, Lordi have always more or less sounded like themselves and no one else, so one certainly knows what to get as far as Lordi albums are concerned.

However, it has be said that some of the Lordi songs on DEADACHE are perhaps a tad heavier and somewhat darker in atmosphere (especially the first single track “Bite It Like a Bulldog”, also “Monsters Keep Me Company”, “Dr. Sin Is in” and “The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile” drop nicely into this particular “heavier & darker in atmosphere” box in question), than what we are used to hear from them before. The band members have also had a twisted, ´tongue-in-cheek´ type of sense of humor, which has also shown up in their lyrical approach. The last phrase for the first track, “Girls Go Chopping” goes like this: “Every Reason To Attack, No Excuses For A Whack, Go Berserk Miss Piggy Style, Kermit´s Legs Are Gonna Fry“. I guess everyone can easily draw their own conclusions from this type of lyrics... ;o)

“Raise Hell in Heaven” will undoubtedly be the next single off of DEADACHE if some bets are allowed to be put on the table already. The song rocks way better than a few decapitated heads thrown high in the air, in a cold and misty morning. But as said earlier already, if you have just ever liked anything what Lordi have done on their previous albums, nothing can stop you liking DEADACHE either. Oh, that bonus song “The House” is simply horrendous, and should have been left undone. So there…
Track Listing

01. Scarctic Circle Gathering IV
02. Girls Go Chopping
03. Bite It Like a Bulldog
04. Monsters Keep Me Company
05. Man Skin Boots
06. Dr. Sin Is in
07. The Ghosts of the Heceta Head
08. Evilyn
09. The Rebirth of the Countess
10. Raise Hell in Heaven
11. Deadache
12. The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile
13. Missing Miss Charlene

14. The House (Dingo cover song)


Mr. Lordi - Vocals
Amen- Guitar
OX - Bass
Awa - Keyboards
Kita - Drums

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