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Babez for Breakfast
October 2010
Released: 2010, Sony Music Finland
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“This is Heavy Metal - no matter what you say”, proclaims the Finnish monster group Lordi loudly and bravely in one of their songs simply titled “This Is Heavy Metal”, off their 5th full-length studio album BABEZ FOR BREAKFAST. Lordi´s newest album has been produced by Michael Wagener who has previously worked with such artists as Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper and Janet Jackson – and the guy has also mixed Metallica´s landmark album, MASTER OF PUPPETS.

Seems like a big wheel has really started rollin´ for our beloved Finnish monsters, right? Indeed they have – and this should be good news both for the band and the fans of Lordi worldwide. Musically, this new 15-song opus is closer to Hard Rock than Heavy Metal; it´s lighter content-wise: more melodic and rockier than any other albums they have recorded thus far. Then again, somehow it also sounds more like a calculated and too secure effort to stick Lordi more firmly onto the wings of the mainstream – sadly I might add, but it was going to happen for them anyway. BABEZ FOR BREAKFAST sounds like the album was made for the whole family to be enjoyed – both for parents and kids in the same happy family, in which the Finnish monsters are accepted as easily as dad´s bad habit to wash his car every other day (while whistling a national anthem of Finland at the very same time, o boy!).

Without sounding scarcely harsh at all, first of all BABEZ FOR BREAKFAST is undoubtedly a damn well made and entertaining Lordi album – most of the songs on it sticking in your head easier than a wad of used, sticky gum to the bottom of your jeans. Songs like the title track of the album “Babez for Breakfast”, “This Is Heavy Metal”, “Discoevil”, “Midnite Lover” and “Granny´s Gone Crazy” for example, are all strongly based on catchy and 100% secure choruses: the kind of choruses that make you hum the chorus part unconsciously, without you noticing it. However, despite all of this sort of ”100% catchiness guaranteed” tag that´s been stamped all over this new Lordi record, the album wears out unfortunately relatively quickly, losing its crucial moment to surprise its listener every now and then. On the other hand, it´s no surprising, as every single song that has been featured for B.F.B. has obviously very much thought over (if not over-thought) – hundreds of times before getting a finalized touch on the record. And that´s where one might start thinking, is this album really worth your time?

I guess it surely is if you are a fan of these Finnish cartoon monsters Lordi. The album´s loaded with a full menu to satisfy all Lordi fans worldwide and beyond – no doubts. On the other hand – at the very same time, listening to BABEZ FOR BREAKFAST makes me strangely to look back what my personal 80s Hard Rock/Heavy collection, and miss all of that what was done some 25-30 years ago, perhaps because of a thing called evergreen nostalgia, raising its ugly head?
Track Listing

01. SCG5: It’s a Boy!
02. Babez for Breakfast
03. This Is Heavy Metal
04. Rock Police
05. Discoevil
06. Call Off the Wedding
07. I Am Bigger than You
08. ZombieRawkMachine
09. Midnite Lover
10. Give Your Life for Rock and Roll
11. Nonstop Nite
12. Amen’s Lament to Ra
13. Loud and Loaded
14. Granny’s Gone Crazy
15. Devil’s Lullaby


Mr. Lordi - Vocals
Amen - Guitar
OX - Bass
Kita - Drums & backing vocals
Awa - Keyboards & backing vocals

Guest musicians:
Mark Slaughter - Vocals (on "Granny's Gone Crazy")
Bruce Kulick - Guitar solo (on "Call Off the Wedding")
Jeremy Rubolino - String arrangements (on "Call Off the Wedding")

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