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Lord Mantis
June 2012
Released: 2012, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I hope you have plenty of soap in the bathroom because after listening to this Monolithic album you are going to need a damn good wash; It is filthy in both sound and theme!

Lord Mantis are back after an E.P and a well received if patchy debut album 'Spawning the Nephilim' The Blackened sludge merchants from Chicago now bring us 'Perverter' And what a nasty peice of work it is. With A title like 'Perverter' you wouldn't expect this to be an album filled with beautiful, poetic words and the guys don't disappoint, singing about all the nasty things in the world and seemingly loving it!

Torture, death, murder ,destruction and filth these guys aren't interested in helping anyone they just want to tell us how shit everything is and you can't help but be swept up in their hateful wave, it is nasty, dirty and damn good fun. They describe themselves as Blackened Sludge and I think that is about right, Down tuned thick guitars meet high pitched rasps with some speedy blast beats chucked in now and then. Although I think overall I would view this more as a nasty Sludge band with all the best bits of black metal added into the mix to enhance the sound (and nastiness!)

Featuring members from Black metal Bands Avichi, Nachtmystium,Von and Sludge giants Indian it kind of makes sense that these guys would combine their strengths and release and album that fuses these two extreme worlds. Sanford Parker the Chicago-based producer and engineer who has played with Minsk, Buried At Sea, Nachtmystium, Twilight, amongst others was the man who took control of this beast and what a great job he did. This thing is loud, heavy and in your face, being a sludgy album the guitars obviously take pride of place at the front of the sound but the vocals come through nicely as well. I would say the drums are slightly lost sometime but they are there and with a guitar sound this thick and lovely I'm not going to complain.

The majority of the 7 songs feature a mid pace tempo, with thunderous repetition to really enforce the suffocating despair filled atmosphere and the album seems to fly past pretty quick. 'Levia' The shortest track introduces a slight and I mean slight hint of melody to the gloom 'At the Mouth' is the song which I would say best showcases their Black metal side, with a faster pace and a higher pitch to the vocals. Highlight of the album for me is 'Ritual killer' The longest, most experimental song, where they really show their song writing chops with myriad sounds, styles and changes giving it a real epic feel.

In summary I would say this is a pretty special album, any fans of Sludge and Black metal would enjoy this album (although I suspect more so sludge fans), it is as heavy and savage an album as any metal fan would wish to hear.

Review by James Price
Track Listing

1) Perverter of the Will
2) Septichrist
3) Vile Divinity
4) Levia
5) Ritual Killer
6) At the Mouth
7) The Whip And The Body


Band line-up: Charlie Fell - Bass, Vocals, Bill Bumgardner - Drums, Andrew Markuszewski - Vocals (backing), Guitars, Greg Gomer - Guitars, Vocals (backing)

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