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Lord Gore
The Autophagous Orgy
September 2002
Released: 2002, Razorback Records
Rating: 3.8/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

You gotta love a band like this. My positive experiences with this new slab from hometown (Portland, OR) deathsters Lord Gore began with the immortal cover art. A classic Cannibal Corpse-style death metal cover--done Japanese anime style! If that’s not a clue that you’re in for a somewhat tongue-in-cheek (albeit grotesquely brutal) experience, you’ll certainly get that impression from the intro: an unintentionally hilarious sound bite from some British religious figure denouncing “pornographic rock.” Well, that’s exactly what THE AUTOPHAGOUS ORGY is, and it makes no bones about it!

Lord Gore has always been a refreshingly tight, catchy, well-oiled machine insofar as musical and technical talent are concerned. This disc is a little slow to get started, but by the third track, “Krash Kourse in Psychopathology,” their extremely competent style of death metal is plainly evident. It would be very easy for a band who goes so far into ribald shock territory to lose sight of the music that delivers their message, but this is obviously a band that writes well, rehearses often and plays together superbly. The meaty riffs, excellent drumming and almost anthemic pace of “Rape Camp”--probably the best track on the album--are a cut above the usual gut-churning stuff that’s passed for extreme death metal the past ten years or so. Other highlights on the album, at least for me, are “The Forgotten Flesh,” “Nekro-Erotic Art” and the eponymous track “Lord Gore.” The sound samples--mostly from cheesy old horror films--slow down the pace a little, but these guys were tasteful enough to include a clip from “Return of the Living Dead,” which, as cult horror films go, is definitely one of the all-time classics.

Just one perusal of this disc will make it clear that extreme low-rent horror is definitely a passion with these guys. Reflecting the sensibilities of those late-‘70s early-‘80s horror films that Lord Gore’s material takes its inspiration from, naturally the lyrics and subject material tend toward the sick and misogynistic. Don’t expect a lot of peace, love and happiness from an album with song titles like “Involuntary Vaginal Vermin Slut”! That being said, Lord Gore’s severed tongue is clearly in cheek here, and for the most part THE AUTOPHAGOUS ORGY comes off as light-hearted, gut-wrenching, and twistedly humorous.

Once in a while you need a band like Lord Gore to put some sick, guilty fun back into the realm of death metal listening. This album is recommended even if you’re sober, but after a couple of beers it gets positively brilliant. As long as you don’t have a weak stomach!
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