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Lord Gore
March 2005
Released: 2004, Razorback Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Madman

Lord Gore formed in Portland, Oregon in 1998 with the intention of creating some classic old school death metal in the vein of band’s like Autopsy and Impetigo. Eventually the band released their first album, THE AUTOPHAGUS ORGY, in 2002 on Razorback records, who are known for quality gore death/grind. Releasing their second album, RESICKENED, on Christmas Eve 2004 was quite an interesting way to try and garner attention and after listening to this album many times, any attention this band gets is more than warranted. RESICKENED is my first foray into Lord Gore’s world of gory horror and pornography but I have to say, this has quickly become one of my favourite death metal releases in recent years.

Lord Gore play a very old school style of death metal, it’s very simple and straight to the point. It doesn’t get over technical and has a strong focus on heavy guitars that mix faster thrashing riffs with mid-paced, almost old school hardcore influenced, passages as well as slowed down, heavy as all hell (almost doom inspired) breakdowns. Vocally Gurge can go from the lowest belch to a bit of a higher, yet still not intelligible, growl. There are also some interspersed high pitched parts but when they happen they are generally accompanied by the lower vocal where the high pitched part is pushed into the background.

The album starts off with an intro, from a movie I don’t recognize, into the groove ridden “Gastric Gore-Met”. Immediate enjoyment is something I get from this song, right from the beginning the song has a certain vibe and this heavy groove laden riff that’s just hideously heavy. Then add in Gurge’s barely decipherable garbled growl and it just fits together perfectly, especially during that oh so heavy breakdown at 1:45, when the belching vocals come in on that it’s just bliss. The melodic solo is a nice little touch as well. “Brainfucker” has the awesome part just before the one minute mark where it goes from a blast beat section that leads into fast double bass riff (which is really just an augmented version of the blast beat section) which then leads into a mid-paced groove riff.

The title track has a real nice thrashing riff to it. Immediate headbanging is bound to ensue when this track starts. “Liquid Lunch” is another instantly amusing track with its heavy groove… which is what I’d have to say about pretty much every song on here. I find that I’ve picked up on every song the second I heard it, Lord Gore seem to have a serious knack for having just enough groove while still being heavy, fast and extreme. “Trioxin” ends the album and the whole album just leads up to this moment, the album is has it’s two best songs as bookends. It starts off with probably the most thrash inspired riff on the whole album and alternates on the verses with a more open riff that still maintains a certain amount of aggression.

Lord Gore are the real deal and they aren’t just some generic brutal death metal band. This is old school death metal with gore lyrics and I can’t see how anyone with a love for heavy riffs and an appreciation of extremes wouldn’t fall in love with this album.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Gastric Gore-Met
3. Brainfucker
4. Liquid Lunch
5. Trash-Hole
6. Resickened
7. N.C.T.B.
8. Human Bot-Fly
9. Chitin
10. Kicked To Death
11. Son Of Forgotten Flesh
12. Megacephallus
13. Trioxin


Gurge - Vocals
SCSI - Guitar (Winter Of Apocalypse)
Maniac Killer - Guitar
Colon Bowel - Drums

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Lord Gore
March 2005
Released: 2005, Razorback Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman



“I know who you are, and you are nothing. You think you are fucking something, but you are fucking nothing… You are empty. You are a zero. You are a black hole…and I’m going to fuck you so bad, you’re going to be cumming out of your ears!”


(taken from the intro to “Liquid Lunch.”)

With a name like Lord Gore, you don’t expect much depth. But herein lay the clinker: this band knows how to play, and they know how to have fun at your expense. And the irony is, it’s worth it, track for track. Though some may argue that this new release is patchier than their sick-as-hell debut (2000’s The Autophagous Orgy), the progression in performance fills the void.

The album begins amply enough, though the opening track is hardly a shining moment for the band. The follow-up, “Brainfucker,” is entirely more menacing—though nowhere near as accomplished as track #4, “Liquid Lunch,” an LP highlight which achieves the near-impossible: it actually manages to be a perfect blend of Symphonies Of Sickness-era Carcass and Harmony Corruption-era Napalm Death. This is the Grail: This is the epitome of Grind-Gore, as it is perceived and pursued by those who seek, yet have failed to find ‘til now.

The samples are ever-present (see above), but unlike like the run-of-the-mill Mortician-geek splatterhounds that dominate the underground, these samples are actually cool, and appropriate. In fact, dare I say, the samples often help to make the song, and merit the price of this CD more times than not.

The vocals are varied, and a veritable fount of gurgling spewage. There are no effects on the vocals, no beer-fed belching, and no cupped homo hands. These grunts and growls are pure. This is either good or bad, depending on your point of view. This is Death Metal for bug-eating Green Berets, and people that deposit suspiciously lumpy garbage bags in apartment complex dumpsters on the other side of town.

Track number seven, “N.C.T.B.,” is classic speed-riff Death Metal, through and through—and accentuates repeatedly Lord Gore’s ace in the bloody swollen hole: they can actually solo. And not only can they solo, they can smugly mock the other bands that try. “Human Bot-Fly” sounds as if it could have been on any Earache release from 90-93—and this is a high compliment, if you know shit about shit.

#9 (“Chitin”) and #10 (“Kicked To Death”) both follow an old-school groove to rather technical conclusions—fans of the early-90’s Roadrunner regime will remember this formula fondly. “Kicked To Death” in particular has an excellent melodic breakdown, which virtually swims within its own guitar soloing around the two-minute mark—these guys might be violent perverts, but they all know how to play. (The addition of Frightmare’s Maniac Neil certainly doesn’t hurt things).

Sadly, bands like Lord Gore only know a trick or two—but they repeat these tricks with vigor, bile, and venom, and it works throughout the disc.

This is nothing new; but at least it’s done with style. Brutal Death fans will enjoy it; members of “The Hive” own it by now.
Track Listing

2.Gastric Gore-Met
4.Liquid Lunch
8.Human Bot-Fly
10.Kicked To Death
11.Son Of Forgotten Flesh


Gurge - Vocals
SCSI - Guitar
Maniac Killer - Guitar
Jesus H. Dump - Bass
Colon Bowel – Drums

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