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Looking For An Answer
Eterno Treblinka
July 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

So what are the chances that not one, but two Spanish Death/Grind albums come out on the Relapse Record label each within one week that Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions Cup Final? Well it happened this year (2011) and we are gonna touch on both of them. Please feel free to check out the sister review of HOSPITAL CARNAGE by the band Haemorrhage this month.

Man, that is one of the sicker album covers I’ve seen in a long time. Well done! Vince Locke would be proud. Looking For An Answer were founded back in 1999 and have been churning out some great Death/Grind for quite a while. This is only the bands third album in a decade or more but they do have a dozen splits and EP’s to their name as well. The bands name leaves a bit to be desired…it doesn’t translate well, coming across as a metalcore type name. Despite the name, they caught the eye of Relapse and after a couple of independent releases they have made the jump to the big-time. Big being a relative term when it comes to this type of underground music.

ETERNO TREBLINKA leans more to the grind side of things with a 17-track album spread across 30 minutes and an average song length of 2 minutes. It’s nasty, brutish and short, the way good grind should be. It’s pretty much a relentless blitzkrieg of a record, the fact that it seems to be sung/growled in Spanish doesn’t really make much of a difference. The band seem to incorporate a bit of the classic Swedish buzzsaw/Sunlight guitar tone into the songs. The pace is pretty much common across all the songs, blasting slow fast, slow fast not too much variation but I do actually like it when they slow down a little bit and drop into an older Obituary type groove, on cuts like ‘Terror Carnivoro’.

ETERNO TREBLINKA has many highlights but could benefit from a bit more variation in the songs. It’s difficult to try to compete in the brutality contest, and from what I’m hearing this band has more to offer musically. Sure, it’s all pretty extreme, all the time but there is enough going on here to make Looking For An Answer to stand out from the massive packs of bands world-wide doing this kind of audio insanity.
Track Listing

1. Nacer.Consumir.Morir
2. Campo De Exterminio
3. Guerra Total
4. Tapias De Cementerio
5. La Peste Roja
6. Revelacion
7. Ecoterror
8. No Compasion
9. Plaga Humana
10. Terror Carnivoro
11. Christianislam
12. Supremacia Etica
13. Cheerleaders Para El Armegedon
14. Running Through The Blood (Fear Of God cover)
15. Esclavos
16. Estandarte De Huesos
17. Holocausto Diario


Iñaki Vocals
Makoko Guitars
Félix Guitars
Ramón Bass
Moya Drums

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