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Looking For An Answer
Eterno Treblinka
July 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Looking For An Answer is a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Madrid, Spain, forming in 1999, but I have to admit this is the first time I’ve heard of them.

The band started as a side project of guitarist Felix, then vocalist Iñaki, and bassist Ramón joined with the band recording and playing live using a drum machine until the arrival of drummer Moya. The band has a mixture of oldschool Death Metal, and Grindcore influences, as well as lots of Hardcore Punk influences in their music.

The artwork on this album is amazing and I am happy to see that ‘Looking For An Answer ‘often writes about animal liberation/animal rights, social issues, and human misery; something I can totally relate to, in fact the name ‘Eterno Treblinka’ is actually a title taken from the Charles Patterson book about animal rights.

The album was recorded at FDS and VRS studios in Madrid and was engineered by Samuel Ruiz with some of the former/current members of the band also being in the following bands: Machetazo, Justice Department, and Dishammer, with the band currently signing to Relapse Records.

There is no doubt from the first opening track ‘Nacer.Consumir.Morir’ that this band know how to keep it brutal, and it remains this way throughout which kept me very happy, showing what Grindcore really should be; Aggressive and Brutal!

There are 17 tracks in total but all songs are average of 2minutes long, some are only a minute long; but it works with all the songs flowing nicely into each other.‘Running Through The Blood’ a cover of ‘Fear of God’ stood out for me also and despite it only being 51 seconds long, it’s definitely the most aggressive track on the album.

As with most grindcore/extreme death metal bands there are amazing guitar riffs with fast, blasting drums and it's great the guys no longer have to use a drum machine when recording! I love the aggressive vocals of ‘Iñaki’ which are fast, aggressive which an impressive low growl throughout.

The only downside to this album for me is that it ends on a ‘fadeout’ which I never like and kind of wish the album had a brutal end as it had began, but saying that this band are truly amazing and I'm shocked I’ve not heard of them before; If you haven’t either I strongly recommend that you do!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

01. Nacer.Consumir.Morir
02. Campo de Exterminio
03. Guerra Total
04. Tapias de Cementerio
05. La Peste Roja
06. Revelacion
07. Ecoterror
08. No Compasion
09. Plaga Humana
10. Terror Carnivoro
11. Christianislam
12. Supremacia Etica
13. Cheerleaders para el Armegedon
14. Running Through the Blood
15. Esclavos
16. Estandarte de Huesos
17. Holocausto Diario


Iñaki (Vocals)
Félix (Guitar)
Makoko (Guitar)
Ramón (Bass)
Moya (Drums)

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