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Long Winter`s Stare
The Tears of Odin`s Fallen
February 2001
Released: 2000, Dark Symphonies
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Holy shit, this is one of the most depressing albums I’ve ever heard. Step right up all of you who love severe doom metal played at about the same speed as a turtle race. Slow & heavy is the order of the day for Long Winter’s Stare but I guarantee that if you even remotely enjoy doom metal, you will not be bored. The band successfully fuses low guitar chording and pounding bass drumming with a revolving vocal style that switches off between death growls, sweet female vocals, and the occasional sung male voice. Oh yeah, did I also mention the frequent use of organs, pianos, and strings? The overall effect creates an impressively bleak world that totally envelops you and doesn’t let go until you’re ready to just give up and end it all.

That being said, this release might just be too much for the casual listener to handle. The constant slow pace and lumbering march style has the tendency to lose the attention of all but the most dedicated listener. I can see many people simply turning this disc off after only a few minutes, not bothering to let the CD truly unfold itself. Well, to those people I say, “too bad!” ‘cause they will have missed a truly beautiful doom metal experience. On the other hand, doom metal enthusiasts will probably crap themselves over the power of this release. I mean how great does a CD have to be when it’s last track is 20 minutes long, and you don’t get bored? “In Arms” indeed!

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