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The Heathen Dawn
October 2016
Released: 2016, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Like the inevitable rising of the moon, LoneWolf return with another album. The very first thing that caught my eye was the album art. Vikings and werewolves. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Someone should give these guys a medal for most Metal album cover ever and I’m not being sarcastic. A (lone) werewolf captain with skeletal Viking warriors on a long-ship in the arctic is just too awesome to describe. It’s such a natural pairing I’m wondering why no one has thought of it before.

THE HEATHEN DAWN, the bands second album on Massacre sees a significant line-up change with two members exiting, including long-standing guitarist, Alex to be replaced by young gun Michael Hellstrom, of Elvenstorm pedigree. Founding Jens Borner has such a focused vision that members come and go but as long as he is at the helm, the sound will not change significantly. The bands surge on following in the fast footsteps of THE CULT OF STEEL (2014) after the slight misstep of 2013’s, THE FOURTH AND FINAL HORSEMEN. Translated, that means the bands is still ripping fast Power Metal in the vein of Grave Digger and U.D.O.

Man this album kills. It’s fast, it’s heavy and the riffs are thick and meaty. Borner howls and growls like the evil twin of Boltendahl, Kasperak, Dirkschneider and Muntz of Sacred Steel. ‘Rise to Victory’ and ‘Demon’s Fire’ standout to my ears as highlights but any given song on the album could be your new Power Metal anthem of the moment. The albums rips from start to finish, with guitars and vocals way up front in the mix, closes on a (very) slightly more somber note with a cut called ‘Song for The Fallen’ which is a bit more of a mid-tempo grinder. There are of course various bonus tracks for various regions as well. Seek them out.

In a personal note, as I write this review I think back to an on-line article I recently read posted by one of the ‘popular’ and ‘cool’ websites who do those those uninspired ‘Best 10 bands from (insert Country name here)’ articles. This time the nation was France and of course not a single mention of Lonewolf. So forget Alcest and Gojira and all those trendy bands…Lonewolf and their new album THE HEATHEN DAWN is where the best true Metal from France is found. Keen-eyed readers will note this is the second Lonewolf review I’ve written where I take a cheap shot at Alcest and Gojira, I have nothing against those bands, however it irks me that a killer band like LoneWolf (that just utterly blows away those other bands) doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. Check out THE HEATHEN DAWN for proof!
Track Listing

1. A Call to Wolves
2. Wolfsblut
3. Demon's Fire
4. Keeper of the Underworld
5. When the Angels Fall
6. Until the End
7. Rise to Victory
8. Heathen Dawn
9. Into the Blizzard
10. The Birth of a Nation
11. Song for the Fallen


Jens Börner Vocals, Guitar
Michael Hellström Guitar
Rikki Mannhard Bass
Bubu Brunner Drums



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