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The Fourth And Final Horseman
November 2013
Released: 2013, Napalm Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Lonewolf seem to be riding a bit of a wave right now. With a quick turnaround since last years ARMY OF THE DAMNED the band is still on Napalm and have the same lineup and have churned out another great record full of great songs.

Another fantastic cover adorns the front of the bands 6th album, THE FOURTH AND FINAL HORSEMAN and the production is much the same as last time, good loud guitars and singer Jens Borner mixed quite up high in the mix. The ten track album runs 50 minutes and the lyrics cover classic metal topics of hell, war, dragons and wolves.

The band has slowed down just a little bit on this record, starting with a mid-tempo grinder of a title track (instead of a speedy double-kick driven cut) and the second songs has a longer, more mellow intro leads into ‘The Poison Of Mankind’. It’s not until the third track that we hear a faster song called, somewhat appropriately, ‘Hellride’. The gang vocals are still in place bolstering already fine sing-along choruses, especially bolstering songs like ‘Time For War’.

I just can’t get enough of bands like this; flawless, Germanic, anthemic Metal with fire and fury, grinding guitars, heavy enough to satisfy but with still melody and sweet guitar solos. Lonewolf has produced again essentially another flawless album that will delight any fan of true Metal. They should tour with Sabaton or Powerwolf to help get this under-rated band more international exposure and THE FOURTH AND FINAL HORSEMAN will help demonstrate how great they are. The only reason I’m giving this a slightly lower rating than the previous album, is that the ‘kill factor’ (ie. fast songs) is notched back just slightly. However, it is still a fine work and worthy of being in your collection.
Track Listing

1. The Fourth and Final Horseman
2. The Poison of Mankind
3. Hellride
4. Time for War
5. Another Star Means Another Death
6. Dragonriders
7. Guardian Angel
8. Throne of Skulls
9. The Brotherhood of Wolves
10. Destiny
11. Unknown Soldier (bonus track)
12. Raise the Flag (bonus track)


Jens Börner Vocals, Guitar
Alex Hilbert Guitar
Rikki Mannhard Bass
Antoine Bussière Drums

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