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Raised On Metal
October 2017
Released: 2017, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Frances favourite werewolves are back with album number 9 and it is a shaggy beast of an album! Not much has happened in the bands camp since last years album THE HEATHEN DAWN. The band is till on Massacre Records, and no line-up changes to report.

The first and most immediate thing that all fans will immediately notice is the uncanny similarity between the new album cover and the album cover art for their third album way back in 2008 album, called MADE IN HELL. Both feature a werewolf in a fiery place (presumably Hell) pounding on an anvil. Instead of making a sword, our furry hero is forging a guitar...of steel! A Flying V no less! I love it! Certainly a possible contender for most 'Metal' album cover art of the year.

Musically, I am delighted to report there has been no progression whatsoever! No watering down of the bands crushing sound, no compromise, no excuses, just 10 three to four minute long fast Power Metal songs. I could go on about how much they sound like old Running Wild again, but that is nothing new; that has been their signature sound now since their comeback album in 2008, now almost a decade ago. RAISED ON METAL is largely a fast double-kick driven album, even the more mid-tempo songs like ‘Evil’ have double-kick drumming! Jens Borners familiar roar shows no sign of weakening, no does Michael Hellstroms guitar playing. For you trivia fans he also pulls double-duty and plays guitar in the up and coming act Elvenstorm. His riffs and like molten slabs of Metal pounding your head and that sweet neck-breaking head-bang zone. These guys fit in with so many other of these prolific trench-fighters; U.D.O, Paragon, Rebellion, Majesty, Wizard… German bands all, I would not be surprised if Lonewolf secretly wished they were German because they have that sound perfected. The digipak version has a couple of bonus tracks, no novelty covers here, just a pair of songs that are just as good as the ten on the regular version.

This is the fifth Lonewolf album in a row I have written a review for and it regular readers will not be surprised to know they are pretty much my favourite band from France. Why? Besides being entertaining as hell they possess the absolute skill and dedication to craft the finest Power Metal, album after album, and RAISED ON METAL is no exception.
Track Listing

1. Unleash the Wolf
2. Souls of Black
3. Through Fire, Ice and Blood
4. Raised on Metal
5. Flight 19
6. Extinction of the Stars
7. Evil
8. Skinless Smile
9. No God, No Master
10. Dark World Order


Jens Börner Vocals, Guitars
Michael Hellström Guitars
Rikki Mannhard Bass,
Bubu Brunner Drums



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