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Cult Of Steel
January 2015
Released: 2014, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I am a loyal member of the wolfpack. The French band LoneWolf has been churning out consistently kick-ass Metal albums for ages and are on the hunt as they have released five solid albums in seven years. I’ve reviewed the last couple of studio albums here on Metal-Rules and I said that 2012’s album THE FOURTH AND FINAL HORSEMAN was not quite as good as 2010’s ARMY OF THE DAMNED because they slowed down a little bit. They must have read my reviews because the new album, CULT OF STEEL is pretty damn fast!

The line-up has stayed the same but the band has jumped from Napalm Records to Massacre Records, still a great fit. Setting aside the fact that some cynics and critics can’t get past the admittedly obvious Running Wild worship, but those same people heap praise on a band like Blazon Stone so it seems hypocritical to me. Personally I think they rule. CULT OF STEEL is their usual 50-minute, 10-song effort with their werewolf mascot cover gracing the cover.

As I alluded earlier, CULT OF STEEL is a faster album than the previous effort. They seem to have a bit more fire in the belly, maybe trying to impress the new bosses at Massacre Records. Simple but effective and engaging cuts like ‘Open Fire’, ‘Grey Wolves’ and the title track rip and ride from start to finish. The album rages along, with barely a pause for breath and it doesn’t get bogged down with cover tunes, or any of that stuff…just an all out Metal attack. Jens still roars overtop the punchy but simple songs and the twin guitar attack of Jens and Alex churn out the classic Metal riffs like a grinding war machine.

Many of the hipsters think that the best bands out of France are Gojira and Alcest but the true fans of Real Metal know that along with Heavenly, Adagio and Nightmare and Fairyland, LoneWolf are among the top five Heavy Metal bands in France. CULT OF STEEL is a perfect example why these wolves are so well regarded in international circles.
Track Listing

1. The Cult of Steel
2. Hordes of the Night
3. Werewolf Rebellion
4. Blood of the Heretic
5. Hell's Legacy
6. Funeral Pyre
7. Force to Fight
8. Open Fire
9. Mysterium Fidei
10. The Grey Wolves


Alex Hilbert Guitar
Jens Börner Vocals, Guitar
Rikki Mannhard Bass
Bubu Brunner Drums



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