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Dort Ist Der Weg/Frozen in Ash 7
September 2011
Released: 2011, Flingco Sound
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Just in case last year’s THE CRYSTAL WORLD wasn’t enough to crush your puny mind, Chicago’s Locrian have a new 2-song 7” that just might do the trick. Continuing with their theme of melancholy abstract oppressiveness, DORT IST DER WEG/FROZEN IN ASH moves the needle of uncomfortable aggression just a little bit further than before, but more than enough to whet the appetite for a proper follow up from the band.

“Dort Ist Der Weg” is a cover of Popul Vuh’s classic progressive opus, but saturated in a much darker, brooding veneer. Any ray of hope extracted in the original version is stripped away and replaced by measured, deliberate percussion and a pervasive sense of human emptiness. Layered with a subtle female harmony and the plucking of discordant strings, Locrian builds the hollowed tune into a wall of electric guitars, feedback and wailing noise, fading out on a single note.

“Frozen in Ash” reminded me of THE CRYSTAL WORLD’s title track, which in and of itself is a powerful tune. Distant buzzing guitar lines lay dormant under pained howls of abandon, as a simple acoustic refrain builds from the ash. It’s a deceptively simple track, but the sense of cold, bleak isolation is immediate.

Locrian are second to none when it comes to creating this level of cinematic atmosphere with such an adept level of minimalism. Musically, it’s truly something impressive to behold. Fans of doom, drone, atmospheric black metal, experimental, etc will find a creative wealth of material to explore with Locrian. DORT IST DER WEG/FROZEN IN ASH is available through Flingco Sound as a limited edition 7” and a digital single.
Track Listing

1. Dort Ist Der Weg
2. Frozen in Ash


Andre Foisy
Terrence Hannum
Steven Hess

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