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Loathing / Deepred
October 2003
Released: 2003, Several Bleeds Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Another split-CD, having two grinding and heavy Death Metal bands on it: Loathing from France and Deep Red from Finland.

First something about Loathing as they are first band on this CD anyway... Where to begin with? Well, first of all, musically Loathing is a downright HEAVY Death Metal band that really relies on the heaviness and brutality of their songs more than anything else, I guess. Anthony, the band´s growler, has truly a voice from not-this-world; utterly guttural, deep and... eh, just sick!!

The band plays amazingly well their type of grinding and brutal Death Metal and obviously has a good following in their own home country already amongst the Death Metal community.

Ah, yes... it would be a crime to forget to mention that the dudes in this promising French Death Metal camp have surely been spending hours by listening to bands like like Suffocation, Avulsed, Cannibal Corpse, Internal Bleeding and the likes ´coz they do shred nearly as much as their primal influences. It has to be spitted out that especially the Cannibal Corpse school of Death Metal is surely familiar to these fellows more than anything else in this world. Good stuff all in all and I´m expecting to hear more of them in the future!!

As for Finland´s Deep Red, holy shit, they fuckin´ pulverize you by their totally brutal and somewhat Suffocation-tinged Death Metal invasion!! Musically it´s even fair to say they have developed a few steps further from the times of their debut album titled PROPHETIC LUSTER, becoming a bit trickier and could I say, ´unexpected´ song structurally. And Deep Red´s sound is possessed by lots of more musically brutal and extreme elements than ever before during the band´s existence, so if you have heard them before, you can be 100% certain that a Death Metal game ála Deep Red is an entertaining game to be a part of if you are not afraid of getting a barbaric full-blast aural assault through your head into your brain. Deep Red surely is able to separate your dead brain cells from each other. Just temp them a little bit and a treatment shall be declared to begin...

For the most extreme Death Metal maniacs, this split-CD in my hands could be an ideal purchase for sure.
Track Listing

Track listing for Loathing:

01. The Passage for Flesh to Rot
02. Loathing (The Pit of Underworld Copulation)
03. Architectural Repugnance
04. Atrocity Through Schizophrenia
05. The Secret Face of Genesis (Live)

Track listing for Deep Red:

01. The Crime
02. Slow Decay
03. Trapped Under Grave
04. Multiple Errors (Live)
05. The Beating Goes on (Live)


Loathing line-up:

Anthony – Vocals
Virgil – Guitar
Olivier – Drums
Cyril – Additional guitars

Deepred line-up:

Rodrigo Fatality – Vocals
Ilkka Paasonen – Guitars
Antti Oinonen – Bass
Teemu Mutka – Drums

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