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3 Altering
July 2013
Released: 2013, Metalgate Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Liveevil have been part of the of the Czech metal scene since 2003, since it was started by

Petr Staněk; former vocalist and guitarist of ‘Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy’

I know I have said this before, but I am really happy that industrial/electro metal is on a comeback! I really liked the mixing of genres especially as metal and industrial are two of my favourite music genres, so mixing them well together can make an album truly epic, and this is exactly what Liveevil have done here!

Starting off with the great track ‘Cause Of Man Who Killed All The Idols’ you’d be forgiven for thinking this was your classic heavy rock, metal album release. With gritty, raspy metal vocals and heavy riffs, filled with fists in the air shouting ‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ it’s not long before slight keyboards are introduced in the chorus, making this a great start to the album.

But it’s not till the second track ‘Blackout’ that the band turn direction and bring in the industrial/ebm style, even changing vocal style, sounding very much old ‘Deathstars’ and showing influences of bands such as Pain & Rammstein. This is a very catchy track, and a surprise following the intro to this album, which I feel metallers will either love or hate! I have to admit this is one album that needs to be played loud, to feel the full force of the guitar riffs mixed with the heavy bass, and great solo’s, which I feel work really well! The second track ‘Blackout’ takes on a slightly different style of vocals reminding me of Pete Steele of Type O Negative, with slightly softer vocals, but still having the heavier guitars and symphonic keyboards, making this a really interesting track!

The next track ‘Deep Cut’ brings in a more darker sound, with heavier riffs focusing more on their metal sound, which continues into the track ‘Platonic Blue’. It’s track 5 ‘Remind me’ that shows yet another direction and vocal sound which took me by surprise tbh! Each track is fantastic and unique, making this one exciting album with me suddenly wanting to jump up & dance the robot!! [You will understand that when you hear it!]

Their metal dance sounds continues onto the last Track 9 ‘Saddest Romancy’ which starts with a beautiful intro before two different vocal styles sing on top of each other, ending on a softer slower note, which just ends the album perfectly.

If I'm honest I was sad it ended so quickly…I want MORE, this album is just not long enough!! With such incredible catchy compositions going from dark and dreary to a dance like style showing multiple styles in sounds and vocals from growls to deep and clear vocals, there is no doubt the uniqueness of this band and showing such diversity makes them clearly distinguishable from bands playing this similar style of music. I would like to see anyone listen to this album, who doesn't get the urge to head bang & pull out some disco moves at the same time!

I hope I get to see these guys play live in London as I can only imagine the energy they would produce! I’m unsure what bands they would tour with, but seeing as they have already performed with Dark Tranquillity, Suffocation, Noctem, Endless, Abstract Essence, Malignant Tumour, The Switch, Root, Dying Passion, and Psycho, I’d say they are already doing pretty well and despite their dance influences, have been accepted and placed highly in the metal world!

This is one album that SERIOUSLY needs to be heard! A truly unique and amazing sound, both musically and verbally…this is definitely one for my personal collection!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1 Cause Of Man Who Killed All The Idols
2 Blackout
3 Deep Cut
4 Platonic Blue
5 Remind Me
6 About Them
7 Spirit And Water
8 Hope Of Broken Soul
9 Saddest Romancy


Petr Staněk - Guitar, Vocals
Zbyněk Rýpar - Bass, Vocals
Radek "Doktor" Macháček – Drums
Jan "Anděl" Lokaj – Guitar

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