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Little Giant Drug
September 2000
Released: 2000, Org Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Being a huge Napalm Death fan, I am immediately interested in any side project that emerges from any of the band’s members. Thus, when I heard guitarist Mitch Harris and bassist Shane Embury had released Prismcast, the debut album from their new side project Little Giant Drug, I ordered it right away. From what little I heard about the band at the time, I expected a more alternative and melodic approach to the music. That’s exactly what I got. Little Giant Drug is considerably more accessible and lightweight than Napalm Death. First of all, no traces of death metal are to be found at all. The vocals are clean, and very English (unfortunately reminding me of Fear Factory’s pointless cover of Gary Numan’s “Cars”). I can’t say I really care for the vocals. They are a bit too annoying. The vocal style fits the music, but it’s just Simon Orme’s voice I don’t like. Musically, the same Napalm Death sound is there, but the style is far less aggressive. The riffs at times are rather heavy, but the majority of the album is pretty laid back, and more happy-sounding. Ever since discovering Napalm Death, I’ve held Mitch Harris as one of my favorite guitarists. Not because he is a virtuoso shred king, but because I admire his writing style. And he really comes up with some great riffs on Prismcast. But overall, the songs are pretty simple, and perhaps a bit repetitive. One thing that surprised me, however, is the acoustic guitar used on the last two tracks “At All” and “Somewhere in Sun”. I never expected this from Mitch.

My musical tastes vary, but alternative music just turns me off and has little place in my music collection. Perhaps if Little Giant Drug had a different vocalist I would be more into this album. Without a doubt, Prismcast takes a few spins to digest. I would love to see these guys drop all happiness and expand on their darker elements. Throw in some more atmosphere and Little Giant Drug may just turn into something greater. You can check out their record label’s web site at but good luck finding any information on the band. Little Giant Drug also has a split CD EP out with the band Inimenter.

And when are the Napalm Death guys going to team up with Justin Broadrick of Godflesh and create something absolutely devastating…something that would be the soundtrack to the end of the world? That is a project just waiting (and that needs) to happen! Can you just imagine a cross between Utopia Banished, Fear Emptiness Despair, and Streetcleaner?
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