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Welcome Storm
August 2017
Released: 2017, Limb Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I love it when I’m correct…mostly because it doesn’t happen very often but it is still nice. In this instance, back in March of 2014 when I reviewed the independent debut album by Italy’s Lionsoul, I predicted bigger things for them. Now a few years later, the band have been signed by Power Metal, powerhouse, Limb Music. The fact that Limb is one of my all-time favourite labels makes it extra sweet.

WELCOME STORM is a noticeable improvement from OMEGA and that album was still very decent. It is almost like they read my review and they have fixed two comments/criticism I made in the last review. I said the singer was too far back in the mix and this time he is not buried in the mix. The power pipes of Ivan Castelli are more upfront which is good because he is a decent vocalist! The second improvement was the production, which I felt lacked a bit on the debut. Now, the band sound fuller, louder and better.

The other elements I enjoyed from OMEGA are still in place, the hyper-energetic drumming of ‘Panzer’ and the blazing Helloween-styled guitar solos. A good example of this are the solos on the song, ‘Next Genesis’ at about the 3:05 mark. In fact, I think this song could have been the lead off track on the album. ‘Principal Warrior’ does start the album and it is a great song, very catchy but not as good as the speedy ‘Next Genesis’. The energy is amplified and the band rips through traditional, speedy, euro-influenced Power Metal across the whole album.

WELCOME STORM is just better on many levels. They have a new, better logo. The have a new, better font. They have better cover art, better production and all those little things do help add up to a complete package, especially in a competitive market where it is hard to attract attention for fans to spend money and actually buy physical product. This will be the album that gets them broader global attention, building a solid career one album at a time, one concert at a time, and one fan at a time, and welcome storm ties it all together. I for one, welcome this storm of Power Metal!
Track Listing

1. Beyond Dusk
2. The Principal Warrior
3. Next Genesis
4. Gatling Sight
5. Bright as Light
6. Iron Whispers
7. The Thunder Master
8. A Common Forever
9. Welcome Storm (Eternal Quest)
10. Lion's Throne


Ivan Castelli Vocals
Francesco Pedrini Guitar
Aurelio Parise Guitar
Roberto Poli Bass
Luca Secomandi Drums



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