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Lions Share
Fall From Grace
February 1999
Released: 1999, LCM Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Most of us probably first heard Sweden's Lion's Share on the Judas Priest Legends of Metal tribute CD with their fine rendition of "A Touch of Evil." Fall From Grace is actually this band's third full-length CD. If you haven't heard this band you'll need a reference point and with this band it's not too hard to tell where they've drawn their musical influences from. Take a bit of the doom-like feel from Black Sabbath and mix in some progressive elements like Yngwie, Dream Theater, and Queensryche and you have Lion's Share. Nowhere is this more apparent then on the title track to the CD - "Fall From Grace." Take a slow repetitious doom like guitar riff a la Tonni Iommi and throw on some progressive style high vocals and you have the title track. It's ok but I like the CD opener "Unholy Rites" a lot more which has a driving groove and a more lively feel. Also of interest is the track "The Day The Earth" which vocally conjures up visions of Queen (particularly the Queen song that was used for the most excellent Highlander I...and the series)...It's not done in a bad either, it's done melodically yet it's still METAL!!!

Thankfully this CD does not venture into 10+ minute long songs of overly technical monotony. Instead, most songs are fairly straight forward with some progressive influences from the 90's and the 70's. For simplicities sake lets call Lion's Share watered down power metal :-). What's played here is more straight forward metal and it's not as intense musically like Helloween, Hammerfall or Primal Fear. Maybe Lion's Share have developed their own sub genre of power metal?.....An appropriate tag might be doom power metal.

Vocal-wise, when listening to this CD I keep thinking I've heard this guy somewhere before, probably on one of the Yngwie Malmsteen CD's...but nope, he hasn't been in any of the many "Rising Force" line-ups. The leads are not like Yngwie though. They are much more tame yet still tastefully played, especially over some of the slower and acoustic parts the leads really bleed.

This is decent and solid metal. What Lion's Share serve up on Fall From Grace is bound to turn a few heads and hopefully awaken some people to a band that deserves some support on these shores.
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