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Lindeblad, Mattias
Restaurant 2112 -A Tale Of Meat And Metal (Book review)
March 2015
Released: 2015, Kalla Kulor Forlag
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing many Metal themed or Metal-related books over the years but this one is certainly one of the more unique ones. RESTAURANT 2112 is not about Rush as one might guess but is in fact a story about the building of an actual restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden. Not just any restaurant but one that was conceived, designed and operated by Peter Iwers and Bjorn Gelotte of the band In Flames.

2112 is a very high-quality coffee table book. It is about 224 pages long and full colour and loaded with interesting features. Swedish Metal personality, radio programmer and author, Mattias Lindeblad with large contributions from Iwers and Golette, wrote the book. Lindeblad grew up on Gothenburg and was firm friends with many iconic Metal musicians form that scene. He hosts a very popular MetalQuiz night at the Metal themed restaurant and he got the call to help document this interesting business.

Back in 2012 the band was relaxing in Taiwan, talking about food as band on the road often do, and the guys came up with a crazy idea to build a restaurant. With the success of the band it was not an unreasonable proposition. They set to work and gathered a couple more partners. It was rough going at first because the four men all wanted a different style of restaurant and menu. Compromises occurred and 2112 became quite a unique place based on the input of everybody with an overall arching theme of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, good burgers and good beer.

The book has tons of pictures from every stage of development and also has interviews with key staff members, chefs and the manager as well. There are many photos and lots of recipes from the guys in the band with recommendations for music to listen to while making these dishes at home. The story of the book is told largely through interviews with Iwers and Golette but there are interviews with guests and regulars at the restaurant, members of Amaranthe, Tiamat, Evergrey, Dark Tranquility and many more. Lindeblad does a fine job of presenting the story through words and pictures showing the atmosphere and appeal of the restaurant.

The restaurant has been a qualified success. The conventional wisdom is that most new restaurants fail within the first few years and the guys admit it was tough going at first, but is now well on it’s way. 2112 has become an extremely popular place to hang out for an older, more sophisticated Metal crowd, rather then just a rock bar. They have annual parties and themes and events that cater to the Metal crowd and has attracted visitors from around the world. 2112 was recently awarded the ‘Best Burger in Sweden’ from a prestigious Swedish restaurant guide, and 2112 has become one of the hot-spots for dining in Gothenburg.

The book itself is a total success, it tells the behind the scenes story of the dream of two men and how they made it a reality. RESTAURANT 2112 is not really an In Flames biography, nor is it meant to be. There is enough cool metal-related content to keep Metal fans engaged but it is the story of a modern success story of two entrepreneurs and budding restaurateurs, who happen to be Metal stars as well. This will appeal not only to fans of In Flames but people who enjoy seeking out these cool places in the world that offer a unique dining experience.
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