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Limbonic Art
Legacy of Evil
May 2008
Released: 2007, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

It’s been a long time since we last heard from Limbonic Art. The band released a slew of highly respected black metal albums (4) before calling it quits back in 2003. After reforming in 2006, the duo known as Daemon and Morfeus are back with a new album, and a seemingly new direction.

Make no mistake, LEGACY OF EVIL is still a blistering black metal assault, but where once symphonics and keyboards reigned supreme, guitars have taken hold with a vice-like grip. Indeed, LEGACY OF EVIL is surprisingly heavy for a band known more for its creepy atmospherics than brutality. Of course, the keyboards and atmospherics are still present, but take on listen to “A Void of Lifeless Dreams” and you can’t help but notice the band has a much more violent edge than ever before. For long time fans of the band, this may or may not be a good thing, but when so many black metal bands are focusing on the atmospherics these days, to see a bigger name reverting to a more primal form is kinda cool by me.

As with all Limbonic Art albums, the listening experience is akin to an aural workout. These two pack a lot of ideas into their songs, often holding back nothing to make it easy. These are long tunes as well, with only two of the ten coming in at less than five minutes – most are 6 to 7 minutes long. Be prepared to pay attention.

As I said, the whole album is more malevolent than Limbonic Art was previous known for, but the keep things fresh with all kinds of twists and turns as the album wears on. After the initial assault of the first two songs, “Grace By Torments” takes us back to the more ethereal, cosmic side of things. From there things just get weirder, but somehow, like they always have, the band keeps your attention. This is definitely a worthy addition to the Limbonic Art canon, and a welcome return of one black metal’s most challenging acts.
Track Listing

1) A Cosmic Funeral of Memories
2) A Void of Lifeless Dreams
3) Grace By Torments
4) Infernal Phantom Kingdom
5) Legacy of Evil
6) Lycanthropic Tales
7) Nebulous Dawn
8) Seven Doors of Death
9) Twilight Omen
10) Unleashed from Hell


Daemon: Vocals, Guitar
Morfeus: Electronics, Guitar, Vocals

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