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Laceration Mantra
Prolonging the Pain
July 2011
Released: 2011, Obsidian
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Laceration Mantra really defines brutal death metal. They sound like your granny being run over by an oil tanker, then a train, only to have an atom bomb dropped on her. Shame about the granny really, but it’s all necessary if you want to sound as fucking amazing as Laceration Mantra!

Now in 2011 their latest album, the insanely titled Prolonging the Pain has stepped up to a new level of fist in your face, not only playing the death metal they slay at writing and performing, but incorporation black metal parts to the songs to. It’s going to be bloody huge!

Firstly, the pure musicianship on this album is second to none. Usually you get bands like: Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Napalm Death, who just drone on throughout the song, adding know real depth or development to the song. But Laceration Mantra on the other hand is as inventive and unique as a death metal band gets. Tracks like ‘Purveyors of Torment’, ‘Realization’ and ‘Surreal Reality’ really have the wow factor, showing that even though death metal is about making as much noise as possible, these songs are really catchy and recognizable, meaning that every metal head can enjoy them for their insane metal musicianship skills.

This small Australian band may only be small but their take on crunchy brutal death metal makes them seem like mice with the voice of lions. Their singer, the mighty Rob Rjeff can really growl, putting the likes of David Vincent, John Tardy and George Corpsegrinder Fisher to shame. The whole powerful vocal idea makes the down tuned distorted riffing in the background even more aggressive, making the listener think like they have just entered the pits of Hell and received a hell of a twatting of Satan!

The weirdest thing about this album is that they have a twelve second song called ‘Barney’ which is meant to be a vocal tribute to the Barney from the lords Napalm Death. But come on, it doesn’t sound a think like him, and it will confuse the hell out of people when they play it and say: “What the Hell is going on here, who the hell is this Barney dude?” So be aware Laceration Mantra. Don’t call a song on your next album George Fisher, because you really are not good at impressions.

Laceration Mantra deserves all the attention they can get, because even they may only be a small speck of nothingness in Satan’s epic scheme of life. These guys, can really play death metal, and by God, can they shake the ground doing it!

Review by Matt Seddon
Track Listing

01. Thrown to the Wolves
02. Purveyors of Torment
03. The Innermost
04. Victims of Hate
05. Realisation
06. The Global Straight-Jacket
07. Surreal Reality
08. Prolonging the Pain
09. Barney
10. Blinders


Scott Edgar-guitars
Michael Perry-guitars
Anthony Dwyer-drums
Rob Rieff-Bass & Vocals

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