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December 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: El Cid

Shortly after getting this album, I went through Hell and back to get a hold of their previous one THE EARTH GODS so I could compare both pieces of work objectively. I must say it was pretty hard to find THE EARTH GODS, but finally I was able to borrow it from a friend.

THE EARTH GODS is a great album with a sound not unlike Dark Tranquillity’s (and you know that’s everything I need to buy a album). Derek Bonner showcased a vocal line that was maybe a bit too similar to Mikael Stanne’s work on the Gallery and it might have seemed like the band was trying too hard to follow in the footsteps of the founders of the Gothenburg sound (ATG not forgotten).

Now, in 2001 Lilitu bring out their self-produced new album, MEMORIAL and I must say I am rightfully impressed. The production was probably THE EARTH GODS biggest problem because the clean sounds were sometimes lost in the midst of the raw work of the instruments, but this has changed a lot in MEMORIAL. The production is still not the best around, but it has improved notoriously to the point where you can hear every instrument clearly and the Derek Bonner’s improvement in the vocal department is enormous. Bonner has without a doubt found his own style, something to be comfortable and creative with, instead of trying to carbon copy Stanne.

The first song that comes to mind to introduce you to Lilitu’s sound would have to be MEMORIAL’s opener “I can not be saved”. This excellent, thundering piece of metal displays most everything that the band is capable of, melodic intro, super fast leads, excellent vocal work in both screeching and clean voice style, a chorus backed by female vocals (performed by Candice (?? A little more info please?) ) and some fantastic drumming. Lyrics-wise, Lilitu can compare with the best of the genre, bringing you their own brand of emotive and at times depressing lyrics.

In all I guess the biggest question I have about this excellent band from the US would have to be: Why hasn’t anyone signed them yet?? They have everything a band needs to hit it big time and they are still producing their albums on their own????? So any of you people from the labels out there that reads this, wake up and sign these guys!!

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