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Light This City
December 2008
Released: 2008, Prosthetic
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

The fourth full length offering from the Bay Area quintet Light This City is a 12 song collection of aggressive melodic metal clocking in at a little under an hour. Stormchaser opens with a tribal drum beat and scattered thunder for atmosphere before segueing into clean guitars building some dynamics before the heavy mid tempo thrash of the title track begins. Musically there are many influences strewn about. Thrash riffs, melodic dual leads, grinding blast beats, even some Norse like riffings here and there. Although the band is often referred to as metalcore, honestly the only thing about Light This City’s sound that would pander toward the core crowd in my opinion would be the throaty monotone vocals of lead screamer Laura Nichol. The band’s music never strays very far from a pretty consistent and traditional metal approach. There is not a lot of mosh breakdowns or jumpy parts which is fine by me.

Also worth mentioning is a guest appearance by quite possibly the Bay Area’s favorite son Chuck Billy of Testament, who lends his pipes on “Firehaven” one of two guest appearances on “Stormchaser” the other coming from Prosthetic Records labelmate John Strachan of The Funeral Pyre whose guest performance can be found on “The Collector Part 2: Donor”

The album comes to a close with my favorite track from the disc “Self Portrait” a track chock full of riff after killer riff, complex noodly solos, and chugging palm muted guitars set to a double bass drum attack. This track best showcases the bands ability to incorporate stop on a dime tempo changes effortlessly yet maintaining a steady flow and keeping things interesting.
Track Listing

2.Fragile Heroes
3.The Anhedonia Epidemic
4.Beginning With Release
6.The Collector Part 1: Muse
7.The Collector Part 2: Donor
8.A Desperate Resolution
9.Wake Me At Sunset
10.Bridge To Cross
11.Sand And Snow
12.Self Portrait


Laura Nichol - Vocals
Ben Murray - Drums
Brian Forbes - Guitar
Ryan Hansen - Guitar
Jon Frost - Bass

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