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Light Is The Language
The Void Falls Silent
June 2002
Released: 2002, Gladiator Records
Rating: 2.6/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

THE VOID FALLS SILENT is best described as “experimental.” It’s definitely metallic; have no illusions about that. But beyond being obviously metal, Light is the Language defies any easy categorization. Thrash, black, death, power--forget it! Not even close to any of them. Even the tag “progressive metal,” which conjures auditory visions of Dream Theater and Racer X, is inapposite. So if you want an easy description of that Light Is The Language sounds like, you won’t find one here.

As with many truly experimental albums, you’ll spend the first few tracks of the album just figuring out what musical language (no pun intended) the band is speaking. For those of you (like me) who enjoy a little consistency, thankfully Light Is The Language frequently comes through with fast, chunky riffs and vocals of the very-pissed-off neo-thrash, hardcore-influenced variety. So each song is not totally reinventing the wheel. That said, there’s a lot of experimentation. Spoken word passages, weird sound effects, a few brief ventures into electronica--you’ll definitely get your fill of interesting stuff here.

As you may have determined already, I liked the fact that this band had some consistency to their sound. Brand-new experimental bands are so often all over the map with their styles, each song sounding like it came from a totally different planet; although that has its advantages, I confess to being a traditionalist at heart. For that reason I give credit to Light Is The Language for giving me something to hook onto, viscerally, instead of spending the whole album drifting in the conceptual stratosphere. Still, there’s a certain amount of conviction and passion missing from these songs. Aggression is there, but the reason behind the aggression remains uncommunicated. Overall this is a satisfying listen but not an enlightening one.

I will mention one more thing not particularly relevant to the music, but amusing nonetheless. As I was browsing the jewel case insert of this new band, I noticed in one of the band member’s “thanks list” that twice, next to the names of two bands who were thanked (their names are “Guts For Sale” and “For This I Will Burn”), there is the parenthetical “(not Josh).” Naturally this has me wondering what Josh did to invoke the ire of this band--twice! Score one for some jewel-case insert interest.
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