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Lie in Ruins
Swallowed by the Void
November 2009
Released: 2009, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

MENTAL FUNERAL by Autopsy and a self-titled debut album by Kaamos, are among the best, most appreciated death metal albums by any standards in my opinion. It´s just too bad both of these fine, murky and dark death metal bands´ lifespans, have come to its end – well, at least for time being (I hope).

What is a good thing though it´s great to notice that they are still a respectable amount of people out there – among us metal loving people that think some heritages are worth cherished for. Like Finland´s heavy and dark sounding death metal troop, Lie in Ruins. The band has been praised and appreciated by a huge number of death metal fans due to adopting such a truthful and strongly old school death metal sound for themselves that not that many other death metal bands are doing these days any longer, especially when it seems like an overuse of senseless blast beat has become sort of an intrinsic value of many extreme metal bands´ sound these days. Thankfully, there´s none of that annoying blast beat shit on Lie in Ruins´ debut album, titled SWALLOWED BY THE VOID. The band counts mainly of slow motion, crawling speeds and heavy hands in their dark, twisted and heavy death metal approach on SWALLOWED BY THE VOID - coming to its listeners´ peaceful homes like a silent, unwanted creature, reeking of death. And yes, it´s beautifully also kinda Kaamos and Autopsy-inspired, especially by the latter one. Songs like “Abyss of Demons” actually could not be more Autopsy worship than what it is already. Of course there are a host of other connections to the mighty Autopsy as well as Kaamos direction on SWALLOW too, but that is actually what I want to hear them doing, as they are really good at this – really! Lie in Ruins reeks of death, decay, corpses and tombstones – and that smell is absolutely compellingly delightful, to be honest with all of you.

Out of all 10 songs that they have recorded for their excellent, all dead-waking and somewhat eerie-sounding even debut album, I simply cannot find anything bad to say. Each song has truly earned its own place in this successfully made wholeness – and I promise to curse my Gods if you true death metal diggers out there don´t find their stuff appealing to you. SWALLOWED BY THE VOID is – without a question, one of the better death metal albums released in 2009, and easily even. This is exactly how death metal should sound like, wussies! Crisp, dark and heavy.
Track Listing

01. Descent
02. I'll Cast My Wrath
03. Crush the Holy
04. Abyss of Demons
05. The Serpent Coils
06. Art of Desecration
07. Damnation
08. Raging Fire
09. Swallowed by the Void
10. Bringer of Desolation


Roni Sahari - Vokills & drums
Tuomas K. - Guitar, bass & backing vokills
Roni Ärling - Guitar
Jussi V - Bass

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