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Lich King
World Gone Dead
September 2010
Released: 2010, Stormspell Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Lich King´s 3rd album, WORLD GONE DEAD, ain´t something one might want to toss away without checking it out first. A secondary thing is say but the cover looks eye-catching as all their other cover artworks so far (check out:, gruesome zombies crawling from all over the place and filling up the face of the earth.

When it comes to the songs on WORLD GONE DEAD, assuming you like raw, fast, straightforward, heavy and intense thrash – mostly the Bay Area style, Lich King is your thing in that case then. The band has been really productive during the past years: They put out their debut album, NECROMANTIC MAELSTORM, in 2007, so within 3 years they already have got 3 full-length albums recorded and released – and that´s quite an achievement in itself, I think.

The delivery of the songs has basically remained the same compared to their two other albums they have recorded thus far: as hinted earlier, they still sound raw, fast, straightforward, heavy and intense, but on all these aforementioned levels they have tuned up the Lich King´s thrash engine to sound even more aggressive - winning it races of existence against new thrash metal acts of which some are only taking advantage of the current retro-thrash trend rather than fully being into it with their hearts and souls 100% fully involved. Thankfully that´s not the case with Lich King: They play thrash because they want to play it – and there´s no hidden agenda behind their willingness to thrash their brains out.

WORLD GONE DEAD can also be considered as the band´s most varied and serious thrash outburst so far content-wise, leaving obviously many of us relatively breathless both by keeping songs constantly pedal-to-the-metal (“Act of War”, “Waste” and “Behaver”), letting the merciless intensity of the songs come to hit and stick you from every possible direction – as well as having all those mid-paced neck-breakers (“ED-209” and “Grindwheel”) in there to finish the job.

The whole album basically devastates with its Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence, Demolition Hammer (their influence seems to be quite big one on this record) and early Slayer–tinged songs, so if you are a fan of those bands, you have got a pretty good clue what to expect from this record. Also, I could not help noticing that a song called “ED-209” has a chorus part that sounds very similar to an old Whiplash song “Nailed to the Cross”, taken from the band´s classic 1985 debut album POWER AND PAIN. Probably a sheer coincidence, but it definitely put a wide smile on my face anyway. Being huge Slayer fans as the guys obviously are, “Aggressive Perfector” in the brutally heavy but still delicate enough hands of Lich King also gets a treatment that it deserves to get: Their version out of that song sounds very close to Slayer´s original version, so what else there´s to say but awesome job, dudes!

So, what we have got in our hands, is a great thrash metal record all in all, of which the guys of Lich King can be truly be really proud of. Therefore this product deserves to be certified as a 100% full-blooded thrash record.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Act of War
03. ED-209
04. A Storm of Swords
05. Waste
06. Terror Consumes
07. Grindwheel
08. Behaver
09. Aggressive Perfector*
10. Lich King III (World Gone Dead)

* Slayer cover


A Fucking Tyrannosaur - Vocals
Rambo - Lead guitar
The Hulk - Rhythm guitar
Darth Vader - Bass
Hulk Hogan - Drums

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