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Lethal Vice
Thrash Converters
January 2015
Released: 2014, Suspiria Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

I always admire those bands who churn out high quality 80’s thrash metal even though they are not pioneers. Although thrash metal revival bands have multiplied like rabbits since 2000, Spain’s Lethal Vice seems to have all the appropriate guts and credentials to perform and deliver a special 80’s thrash metal jumble through their debut album, THRASH CONVERTERS.

This band has a lot of integrity and heat throughout their songs. “In Greed We Trust” is a decent enough opener with a pissed off, aggressive energy and highly recycled ideas (that’s not bad!) from Exodus, Anthrax, Megadeth, early Metallica and Iron Maiden (especially in rhythm guitar and dual guitar melodic solos). Overkill as well, would be proud of Lethal Vice as they managed to ingest their thrash metal ideas. I did very much like the opening of “Psycho Surgery” with only the rhythm section playing and then a great mini guitar solos comes after. This is a furious song with tasteful riffery and must-perform-onstage-only.

Other high points include the instrumental closing track “Lethal Thrashing Madness” with the glorious opening which classes up the joint with funny and playful luna park music before the thrash metal lightning breaks out and ends with a cartoon riff. That’s awesome! “Zombies From Outer Space” is a song full of snappy riffs to satiate any retro thrash maven from Metallica (the latter must listen to Lethal Vice if they want to remember how they played in the past!).

To conclude, I am very happy that this record doesn’t fall into the “modern thrash production” trap, so I suppose it’s a very good point to listen up to THRASH CONVERTERS. There are many fans and bands that have fallen off the rethrash wagon. Remember that, Lethal Vice are the engine-drivers!
Track Listing

1. Insert Coin
2. In Greed We Trust
3. Diplomatic immunity
4. Psycho Surgery
5. NWO
6. Street Violence
7. Godless World
8. Operation Warehouse
9. Zombies from Outer Space
10. Lethal Thrashing Madness


Charly - Vocals
Calo - Guitar
Alex - Guitar
Abel - Bass
Cheche - Drums

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