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Let Me Dream
October 2006
Released: 2006, Black Bards Entertainment
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

They started out as Congestion back in 1989, Finland Black/Goth metallers Let Me Dream have traveled a long way – with its ups and downs on their way, to get to the point when the band´s third full-length album, SOULSHINE, finally saw the light of full moon in 2006. It took 6 long years since Let Me Dream´s 2nd full-length album, GREYSCALES, was released by the Italian Nocturnal Music, to get SOULSHINE out, but I guess the old phrase ´better late than never´ fits into the philosophy of the band pretty well.

Without comparing Let Me Dream´s latest work to anything what they have done previously in their long-lasting career simply due a long time gap between each of their albums, let´s just keep all musical comparisons of their other releases to SOULSHINE in the dark shadows as it wouldn´t do much sense what they have become nowadays. What is the past, let it remain to be the past, now and forever...

As it was stated a few lines earlier, in Let Me Dream´s music both Black – and Gothic metal (or rock whatever you prefer) have been blended together in a quite unique way which obviously isn´t saying much. However, there´s still this certain formula going on in L.M.D.´s songs in which harsh Black metal type of vocals rip through the air while at the same time more melodic elements try to create contrast to the vocals, both succeeding quite well in this purpose and on the other hand, not quite. Sometimes the contrast is simply way too big, but I guess that´s just me who feels this way. These Black metal type of vocal parts fit into their songs well though, but every time these clean, Gothic type of vocals pop in, I start feeling kinda annoyed, for some reason or the other (“Roses on the Silver Plate” caused me a headache due to those clean, ´Gothic´ type of vocal parts. *curses*). They would deliver well without them as well, I suppose.

By adding a more positive note on SOULSHINE, at best the Let Me Dream –camp proves to be every time when they let some aggression and frustration to come out from their instruments and alter their musical course to a more aggressive road on SOULDSHINE. F.ex. a song called “I Resonate” reminds me oddly of some Thyrane –song; adopting a more Black metal mould, and due to that reason, sounding more bombastic and overall more appealing for ears. Not that they should always go to those extremes because also a bit more melodic efforts they have done on SOULDSHINE, like such songs as “Domain of Despair” and “Powered by the Moon”, give quite much credit for them as an experienced and talented band that has enough musical credibility to stand out for bigger masses, and overall make themselves more known for a wider audience.

SOULSHINE is a good album, but on the other hand, it also could be a way better to appeal old fucks like me if a few things were done a bit differently. I´m not their bible though, am I? And oh, who´s that cute-looking girl on the cover, by the way?
Track Listing

01. Soulshine
02. Roses on the Silver Plate
03. I Resonate
04. Domain of Despair
05. Powered by the Moon
06. Babel
07. As the Souls Embrace
08. Dust of Time
09. Autumn Twilight
10. Video Track: Powered by the Moon


Tuukka Koskinen - Vocals
Jani Koskela - Guitars
Juhana Stolt - Guitars
Marko Tuominen - Bass
Jari Koskela - Keyboards
Marko Jokinen - Drums

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