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Cuore Nero
September 2015
Released: 2015, De Tenebrarum Principio is a Sub Label of ATMF
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Kaiserreich have been lurking in the dark shadows of Italy for over 10 years and this latest album 'Cuore Nero' is an interesting listen. Kaiserreich aim to drag you through this darkly entrenching and embracing atmosphere full of relentless riffs, melodic passages and screaming vocals.

An eerie beginning in 'Unico Sole’ slowly unfolds through the distant winds into something I didn’t expect, a beautifully melancholic, yet uplifting melodic passage. There’s something about the drum patterns that don’t quite sit right but overall the atmosphere is there, intense and sombre. Ah yes, the screaming, here it is. Serpent est’s vocal delivery is strong and suddenly everything falls more into place and despite some familiar riff patterns and chord progressions, the execution is great. Second track 'Bianco Freddo’ is a bombardment of tempo changes between the fast paced black metal blasting and the more atmospheric passages which continues through 'Senza Luce’ before settling into 'Ombra Infranta’. This sombre and desolate fourth track is reminiscent of some of Alcest’s more desperate soundscapes, providing a more consistent atmospheric feel throughout which is recapitulated in 'Vuoto Assoluto'. 'Zero Negativo' is a slow, dissonant and melodic track which certainly exceeds in its soul consuming embrace before another unexpected turn… Wedding bells? Flies? The beginning of ‘High Hopes’ is unusual but it doesn’t take long before the blackness creeps in. This track is interesting with a mixture of textures, vocals and a return to some of the less atmospheric passages before the final track 'Solitudes Of Infinite' which continues this theme.

This album has some strong moments but there’s not much here I haven’t heard before. The variation between the bounciness and darker passages maintains interest but it suffers from being slightly repetitive at times, nevertheless this is an enjoyable listen.

Review by Helena Byrne
Track Listing

1. Unico Sole

2. Bianco Freddo

3. Senza Luce

4. Ombra Infranta

5. Vuoto Assoluto

6. Zero Negativo

7. High Hopes

8. Solitudes Of Infinite


Serpent est: Vocals
Tyrant M.: Bass
Luce: Guitar
Abraxas: Guitar

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