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Read Your Enemy
June 2014
Released: 2014, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Besides Kayser is a very special thrash metal rarity within Swedish metal scene, they try to put establish their Swedish-ianship in thrash metal genre and they might do it with their new, third album, READ YOUR ENEMY. This is absolutely great! You probably know band’s vocalist, Spice (ex-Spiritual Beggars, The Mushroom River Band, Spice And The RJ Band, Band Of Spice). It’s very strange to see the big stoner figure of Spice singing in thrash metal vocal ‘shape’.

It’s good. Really good. There is a stoner veil on this record as Spice is absolutely a stoner guy! The album is infused with Slayer-istic riffs and leads, groove metal bridges and a heavy atmosphere. Probably, it’s difficult to put Kayser in a specific metal genre or subgenre, but the term ‘thrash-groove’ with stoner feeling (don’t think that this has to do anything with any Soulfly influence!) would be the most suitable. Band members said that Kayser sound like “a mutation of Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Slayer with elements of modern and classic heavy metal in parts”. I think that they are right.

Their return with READ YOUR ENEMY is of equal quality, if not greater, the style remains disarmingly characteristic in its simplicity, as it was then. The great voice of Spice is clearly the trump card of the band and Svensson’s and Pettersson’s guitars shine, the rhythm section of Ruben and Sandin has a crucial contribution to the excellent functionality of this record. Besides the basic Sabbath / Megadeth / Slayer influences which essentially make up the biggest part of their musical identity, in the synthetic field we find a wide range of influences that makes those influences indistinguishable a little bit. We find classic elements by Judas Priest dominating on the riffing, while there are musical references to more modern metal bands ranging from Lamb Of God, Black Label Society to Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat and The Damned Things ("Almost Home" is very similar to "Handbook For The Recently Deceased").

READ YOUR ENEMY fully convinces me and thus this record a nice example of what Swedish musicians can do in thrash metal field. This record is fully and undoubtedly recommended for anyone who claim that is into metal.
Track Listing

1.Bark and Bow
2. Bring Out The Clown
3. I’ll Deny You
4. Dreams Bent Clockwise
5. Read Your Enemy
6. Almost
7. Where I belong
8. he Knows Your Secrets
9. Forever In Doubts
10. Carve The Stone
11. Roll The Dice
12. The Fake Rose


Spice – vocals
Swaney – guitar
Jokke - guitar
Biff - bass
Bob Ruben - drums

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