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Kategory V
The Rising Anger
November 2006
Released: 2006, Nightmare Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

This up and coming prog-power metal band from Utah is taking a strong step forward with THE RISING ANGER. It's heavy, melodic, and skillful. The technical sections aren't sloppy, the guitar solos are solid, not to mention the dual guitar harmonies. I love a band that utilizes the musical opportunities that two guitarists bring.

THE RISING ANGER starts off with some straightforward metal tunes, "Liberated Minds" and "The Elitist," the latter bordering on prog as it clocks in at over eight minutes. The title track crushes with some mega heavy riffs at an off-time pace, which is probably the best example of Kategory V's style. Things start fading out interest-wise, and just when I thought they were presenting more of the same, "Hostile Takeover" slams in, very dark and prog.

Kategory V is very well-rounded musically, trying a little of everything from the super heavy to the sappy ballad. The only strike against them is the vocals, which are off at times, giving the impression that the singer is weak. This isn’t true; the man can sing, he has the pipes, but a little off key here and there kind of brings them down. I know Kategory V has been working hard to be successful at what they do, and THE RISING ANGER is proof of that.
Track Listing

1. A Change in Time
2. Liberated Minds
3. The Elitist
4. Will You Remember
5. The Rising Anger
6. Drained
7. Leave Us Behind
8. Fading In...
9. Hostile Takeover
10. Risk and Sacrifice


Lynn Allers - vocals
Curtis Morrell - guitar
Dustim Mitchell - bass
Matt Suiter - drums
Marc Hanson - guitar

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