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Last Fair Deal Gone Down
September 2001
Released: 2001, Peaceville
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: CrashTest

Once again I find myself reviewing an album that has come to me highly recommended. As an initial caveat, I should state that I have a hard time listening to music that gets me down for great lengths of time, so this review will have more of a personal bias than I usually allow myself. It’s not that I don’t get into this sort of stuff, but if metal is a drug I’m gonna stick to a consistent diet of uppers. The downers I have to be in the mood for. For those of you who may be newcomers to the band, this is the type of music that Katatonia makes.

The album kicks off in great fashion with a killer track, Dispossession. When I sampled LFDGD at the CD store, I told the guy behind the counter that I’d take it only 20 seconds into the opener. The intro is that good. For more than 2/3rds of the album things carry on with some fairly strong tracks. However, I’ve yet to listen to this album from start to finish in one sitting, mainly because by the end of the disc I’m so down in the dumps I have to switch to something else. Katatonia take things to lower depths of depression than even Sentenced. For those of you who dig that sort of mood, this may be the highest compliment I can give to Katatonia. Some of the standout tracks are Dispossession, Teargas, I Transpire and We Must Bury You, although I would have liked for that last song to have at least broken the three minute mark in length.

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