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Katagory V
Present Day
April 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Welcome to the PRESENT DAY. Katagory V are a new progressive metal band out of Salt Lake City (enjoy the Olympics guys?), lead by founding guitarist Curtis Morell and bassist Dustin Mitchell. Not to dispute the guys, but their bio says that they are “one of the most versatile progressive bands” to ever come out of Utah. Have any other progressive metal bands ever come out of Utah? I mean, that statement doesn’t really mean much when you’ve got almost no competition does it? Just wondering. Get back to me.

Anyway, on to the music. Katagory V are indeed a progressive band, but the first thing that I noticed about their style was the distinct lack of wankery. This pleaseth me. The songs never lose their sense of structure or head off into the wastelands of riffage. Plus, the band ensures that each of the 4 songs offered here are memorable. Definite points in there favour for this.

Another point for the band is singer Lynn Allers. As you’d expect in a prog-metal band, the guy can flat out wail (see “One Second Warning”), but he wisely uses his whole range to full effect. His performance on “The Forsaken” is especially kickin’. Thankfully, the rest of the band is able to keep up with the frontman. Curtis and Ryan’s riffs crunch when the have to but also have the soft touch that gives the songs breathing room (“Present Day”). Dustin’s bass ably keeps up with the guitars, laying down a tasty bottom end and Matt’s drums propel the whole she-bang.

Yeah, there’s nothing overly new or original being offered here, but it’s hard to find fault with that when the songs are so strong. For a progressive band, Katagory V is pretty damn catchy! Check out the riffage/tight cymbal crash combo at the beginning of “The Forsaken” for proof. If that doesn’t get ya goin’, not much will. Drop’em at line at:
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