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Glorification Of Holy Death
May 2015
Released: Marc, Self released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Cruelly Canada is not a commonly known region of the black metal sound, despite the quite prominent scene that exists within it's borders. However, there are a number bands emerging from Canada that have made an impression on the worldwide black metal scene in recent years, (Thantifaxath, Revenge and Délétère to name a few) and Kafirun are set to join those ranks with their latest EP "Glorification Of Holy Death".

There is a particular ambience present in American (and specifically Canadian) Black metal that is definitely showcased with this release. The production is clean but unrefined, clear enough to appreciate the musical skill while still allowing the atmosphere of the recording to show through. It's Black Metal without limits, without unruly restrictions.

This second offering by the Canadian 4 piece is quickly becoming one of my favourite EPs of this year. The songs are well crafted, strongly executed tomes, which while leaving me wanting more, avoid depriving me with fulfillment and appreciation for the work.

Kafirun succeed in taking the black metal sound and crafting their own unique interpretation into it's sonic pathways. All the characteristics of the genre are present, and quite clearly a main influence on the overall sound, this does not feel like "black metal by numbers" for me, far from it. Kafirun are not afraid to be melodic and incorporate repetition into their compositions, but equally are confident in their writing to deviate from that, build atmospheres, add varied sections, create musical compositions as opposed to "songs".

Definitely a band to watch out for, I think they'll be making serious waves in the worldwide scene very soon. I would highly recommend checking out their first recording "Death Worship" if you like what you hear in this release.

For fans of: Acherontas, Urfaust, Blut Aus Nord, Leviathan

Reviewed by Danny Page.
Track Listing

1. Wings of Malevolence
2. Salvation Through Sin
3. Destruction of the Divine Self
4. Chaos Magnum Opus
5. Open Vein


Hanephi: Guitars
Corpus Vile: Drums
Hypnocrotizer: Bass

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