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May 2017
Released: 2017, Seance Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Deep in the subculture of Black Metal, Kafirun have built an expectant following having to date only released a few cassette Ep’s and a limited CD run. Eshcaton, their first full length album out on Seance Records brings the occult orientated band out of their cave, so to speak and delivers to fans what they have long awaited.

'A deeply occultic work, Eschaton explores the end of the manifested world - an apocalypse that brings the end of all life and begets the opening of a new beginning through death - and opens this portal through thoroughly dizzying, manically majestic black metal. Finding that elusive balance between the resolutely raw 'n' primitive and the dynamically complex, Kafirun create a constantly shapeshifting maelstrom of macrocosm-crushing chaos and (dis)order."

Taken from the bands official press release this paragraph describes the themes of the album better than any words I can offer up.

The album starts off in a rather usual black metal way, satanic screeching and fast rolling drums and I brace myself for a sonic assault. Personally if this was to continue across the albums 7 tracks, I don't think I would have liked that kinda Mayhem style is just not my thing and has been well covered over the years by bands like...Mayhem. First track aside I move onto the albums title track and for me with its muted drums and guitars, this is worthy of the album name as it's by far the best track on the whole album. Slower and atmospheric Eshcaton hints at a deeper meaning to the bands songs. Steeped heavily in occult trappings this album isn't for everyone but I'm sure that those that love the darker, satanic side of metal will lap this album up. Personally I doubt that I will revisit this album as it's just not my thing, give it a go though and hopefully this band will deliver something truly inspiring in the future. This just missed the mark for me.
Track Listing

1.Lord of Blessed Murder
3.Omega Serpent
4.Divine Providence
5.Prophetic Death Trance 6.Ephemerality of the Flesh 7.Omnipresence


Hypnocrotizer - Bass
Hanephi - Guitars
Luzifaust - Vocals
Corpus Vile - Drums

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