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The Expedition
October 2000
Released: 2000, Noise Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Kamelot has released their first live CD entitled The Expedition. The purpose behind this CD is to keep us fans interested in the band until their next studio release. I guess it succeeds on that level but as far as live albums go, this is not a must have. I don't like saying negative things about a band I like as much as Kamelot - their last CD, The Fourth Legacy, is excellent! However, I'm gonna tell it as it is. All the slick packaging and hype in the world does not turn the ordinary into gold. Even though the packaging is amazing! The cover art, inside pictures, lyrics(!), and layout is very, very impressive. Listening to this makes me think "If I want to hear these songs, I'll put on the studio album." Most of the songs on here are from The Fourth Legacy. While these live renditions are played flawlessly and Khan proves himself to be one of those great vocalists who can hit all the notes live as well as in the studio, it lacks the thickness and rich quality that they obtained in the studio. For me, the songs I most enjoyed hearing live were "Nights of Arabia", "The Expedition" and "Call of the Sea." The killer song, "The Shadow of Uther", was played perfectly but without the studio wizardry (orchestrations, flutes, backing vocalists, etc.) it doesn't come off as powerful.

They threw on three tracks at the end of the live recording labeled as "Rare." The first is a boring instrumental Xmas song played acoustically for the song "We Three Kings." If they are gonna sing about fairy tales why not continue to write their own and why pick a Xmas song? Disgusting. The second rare track is "One Day" which was originally a bonus track on the Japanese release of their CD Siege Perilous. This is definitely the best of the three rare tracks. Lastly is a remake of the song "We Are Not Separate," originally from the Dominion album. It's a so-so song, but not up to par with material from The Fourth Legacy.

I think Kamelot need a couple more studio albums with the current line-up before they need to put out a live CD which should be filled with material from ALL their albums. If you have never heard Kamelot then this is not the CD to start out with. Again, check out their last CD The Fourth Legacy, a CD which I still listen to a couple times a month nearly a year later!! So I'll close this off on a positive note - yes this band is great, and yes they can pull off their stuff live, but I honestly didn't think this was the time for a live CD...especially one so full of material from The Fourth Legacy.

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