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One Cold Winter`s Night (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2006, Spv/Steamhammer
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

This is how all DVD’s should be presented. Kamelot’s ONE COLD WINTER NIGHT is a world-class release. Back on February 1tth, 2006 Kamelot filmed recorded the Olso, Norway date on the Black Halo tour with the plan to release their first DVD and they did a fantastic job.

The two-disc set comes with a full-colour booklet that is 28 pages long with dozens of photos, liner notes, credits and a note from the band. I’ve got many DVD's that do not come with a booklet and I feel it is very nice touch to have one added, especially one as extensive as this one. ONE COLD WINTER’S NIGHT is a good value running three hours, roughly 90 minute per disc. Interesting trivia note: The DVD cover is different than the Double Live CD version.

Disc One is the concert. It was filmed with 18 cameras and it is a magnificent shoot. It is very well edited, not too fast or frantic, so you can see lots of detail but never boring. The editors avoided too many trick shots but there were a few spinning shots where the camera spins in a 360 degree rotation on it’s vertical axis like you see at some sports events with the overhead camera. Another nice visual feature is that the editors have inserted some shots from the video backdrops, not just a camera placed on the backdrop but an actual clip. It is very effective on the intro to the cut ’Nights Of Arabia’ where the footage is an arial shot soaring over a desert. The whole concert is one of the better presentations I’ve seen. The lighting is good, again not too frantic and the pacing and set-list are excellent as is the sound. There 18 tracks that represent the whole 90-minute concert.

Disc Two is loaded with bonus features. Starting with some of the less important stuff (in my mind) there is the discography, a slide show and the member bio’s. The bio’s are quite extensive. There are also tons of candid photos and concert captures. I’m a fan of the band but I’m not sure I would sit down to watch some else’s digital photo album for 15 minutes, more than once.

There are four videos, well technically four, the extra (5th) video is the censored version of ‘March Of Mephisto’. I was glad they included these as you don’t really get to see Kamelot videos anywhere on TV. I’m not really a Youtube kind of guy to go digging for videos, that are ‘filmed’ and uploaded by some guy with shaky hands pointing his 1980 ‘Sorny’ brand handi-cam at his old-tube TV to record a Kamelot video that aired once on MTV 10 years ago. It nice to have proper ‘official’ versions them collected in one place. I had never seen any Kamelot video before so it was my favourite bonus feature. Having said that the videos for ‘Abandoned’ and ‘When The Lights Are Down’ and were just taken from the concert. Only ‘The March Of Mephisto’ and ‘The Haunting’ are the two official singles and videos from THE BLACK HALO and I believe the only videos the band has ever released. I don’t think they had any videos for their first six albums on Noise Records. In terms of other video bonus features there is a behind-the-scenes/making of video for ‘March Of Mephisto and a tour diary style hand-held video, with the backing track of ‘Serenade’. Both of them were shot and/or produced by Casey Grillo. Finally there is a yet another version of ‘March Of Mephisto’, a live version filmed at Sweden Rock later in 2006.

The main bonus feature is called ‘Journey Within’. Part One is called ‘Halo Vision’ which is a ‘making of’ documentary hosted by Khan. It is very interesting behind the scenes stuff and runs for 17 minutes. There are many interview clips as well. There is a series called ‘Up Close with’ and three members interviewed are Thomas, Casey and Oliver. These are intimate interviews shot in the members homes, both Thomas and Casey have nice looking places in Florida! Who says you can’t make any money in rock and roll? The interviews take about seven minutes each and are a nice insight into the various members lives. There is also a minute interview with Simone Simons, who of course was a guest vocalist and also toured with the band. The final interview is with Casey again with his drum manufacturer and it is about seven minutes talking all about drums and drumming, touring the factory etc, with a few live shots of him drumming spliced in.

ONE COLD WINTER’S NIGHT is one of the better DVD’s I have seen. It is a full concert and an hour and half of extra stuff for the true fans, it doesn’t get any better than this and captures the second-era of the band (the Khan years) at the height of their power. This is worth owning as well as owning a CD copy of the concert as well.
Track Listing

1. Intro: Un Assasino Molto Silenzioso
2. The Black Halo
3. Soul Society
4. The Edge of Paradise
5. Center of the Universe
6. Nights of Arabia
7. Abandoned
8. Forever
9. Keyboard Solo
10. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)
11. Moonlight
12. When the Lights Are Down
13. Elizabeth (Part I, II & III)
14. March of Mephisto
15. Karma
16. Drum Solo
17. Farewell
18. Curtain Call / Outro


Roy Khan Vocals
Oliver Palotai Keyboards
Casey Grillo Drums
Glenn Barry Bass
Thomas Youngblood Guitar



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