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Earth Blood Magic
September 2012
Released: 2012, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

From the northern most city on Earth - Reykjavik come a hauntingly unique band formed from the ashes of the strange and wonderful Potentiam, Changer, Adept, Dark Harvest, and Pornea. At long last comes a band who seemingly are absolutely unique, who know EXACTLY who they are, and how to develop music that is both surging in it’s fluidity and raw power, yet is accessible and haunting at the same time. I can only put it down to something in the Icelandic psyche and something weird in their water!

Also at first bewildering is the use of both Icelandic AND English vocals, it took a little adjusting to, but in no way is this dual language detrimental to the album as a whole. The music has an almost hypnotic feel in places, simply pulling your soul along with it, it is almost overwhelmingly spiritual … fusing elements that lyrically and musically should not work … but do anyway. You are perhaps wondering what to think of? Think (cinematic) Ulver, Tool, The Gathering, Agalloch, Devin Townsend, Katanonia, (latter day) Earth, even Swans … and finally, elements of what I suppose you might called ‘Indie’ music (though I’m not sure who I would name check). To clarify, there are NO blatant influences, just subtle hues, hints, and shades, while the band easily retain their own unique identity and style.

Beautifully crafted, immaculately produced, bursting with rare passion and exquisite emotional energy, “Earth Blood Magic” is a colossal achievement, mesmerising, devastating, and plain beautiful in equal measure. This is a rare gem of a record, absolutely riveting … and I cannot commend it to you too highly! I’ve not given it perfect score ONLY because I believe in time to come, the band will top even this mighty Magnum Opus!

Review by: Satanic Muttley
Track Listing

1). Endgame
2). Steinrunninn Skogur
3). Moonshine
4). Strange Air
5) Lightbearer
6) City
7). Lys Milda Ljos
8). Red
9). I Gljufradal


Birgir Thorgeirsson (vocals)
Kristjan Heidarsson (drums)
Ingi Thor Palsson (guitars) Engilbert Hauksson (bass guitars)

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