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Snake Magnet
July 2009
Released: 2009, Brew Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Parts experimental, parts avant-garde, parts punk, and part's Metal, Kong deliver gripping blows within conceptually pronounced rythyms. There's even parts psychedelic, so much misdirection and alternating moments of rage and peace, it'll certainly never be heard on broadcast radio. Interestingly nonconformist, the three blokes from UK's Kong challenge your musical senses with new sounds in Metal.

Songs like "Good Graphics", with it's changing rhythm underscored by a computerized or keyboard sound effect, grate at your skin like fingernails across a chalkboard. While others, like opener "Leather Penny", use constant quick repetition, creating danceable beats. Still my favorite cuts are the far more accessible "Blood of a Dove" and "Wet Yer Knives", which consist of slightly more traditional song writing, albeit still very much... 'out there'

So for this reviewer, Kong's SNAKE MAGNET is a surprising success. They're on a small label out of the UK called Brew records, which apparently goes for these type of out of the ordinary bands. Kong's sound is oddly refreshing and creative, without the pomposity of avant-garde art. Certainly worth a spin in my opinion.
Track Listing

1. Leather Penny (4.37)
2. Blood Of A Dove (3.32)
3. Wet Your Knives (5.52)
4. Gwant (4.50)
5. Good Graphics (5.16)
6. Nih (3.46)
7. Sport (4.01)
8. A Hint Of Rennit, Innit (4.53)
9. Count To Nine (5.05)
10. Klong (8.19)


magpie - thin strings & voice
lulu - fat strings & voice
krem - drum set



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