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Live Kreation-Revisioned Glory (DVD)
August 2003
Released: 2003, SPV/Steamhammer
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

The long awaited DVD from Kreator has arrived! LIVE KREATION-REVISIONED GLORY is a monster of a DVD that includes almost everything a fan would want.

The DVD includes 17 of the 24 tracks that are on the audio version simply called LIVE KREATION. Too bad they were not all on here!! The audio mix for the DVD is in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound and top notch as is the video recording which is not shitty fan based video but professionally shot footage from the VIOLENT REVOLUTION tour from South Korea and Brazil. Kreator cover just about all bases on the DVD. Of course material from VIOLENT REVOLUTION is well featured since it’s the tour for that album. Songs such as “Violent Revolution”, “Servant in Heaven, King In Hell”, “All of the Same Blood”, etc. come off well live as does the performance of the entire band including Kreator’s (also a member of Finnish band Waltari) “new” guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö who does a fine job on the leads he plays from past albums as well as his own.

In between some of the songs is video footage of fans in the different venues they played around the world. Some of them show off their impressive Kreator tats, while most are screaming “KREATOR”! A few bands are seen talking about Kreator like Tobias from Edguy, Candlemass, Sodom, and Angela from Arch Enemy yelling “Kreator fucking rules”.

The DVD also contains a complete 55-minute year-by-year video history of KREATOR. I was excited to finally get to see all of the band’s videos which haven’t aired here in Canada. I’ve seen the older videos, but I can’t remember seeing any of their post-EXTREME AGGRESSION videos on TV here at all! So it was nice to finally see videos for “Renewal”, “People of the Lie”, “Isolation”, etc… Some TV appearances are shown including a 1985 live TV appearance – it wasn’t for the full song though damn it! This is all nicely put together in a documentary style including some SHORT interviews with Mille, additional live footage, behind-the-scenes footage and many other bonus features. Some of the event’s in the band’s career are blown over a bit too fast, but it would take several details to cover everything and air full interviews. Some of the interview clips are in German (the Metalla interview for one) so you’ll have to turn on the English subtitles if you don’t want to miss a word!! There is also a short feature about the making of Like Kreation which contains no talking at all, it could of given more details! The other bonus item of note is “Flag of Hate / Tormentor” live form the Full force festival.

All in all this DVD is jam packed and is one of the best DVD releases I’ve seen. They have thought of just about everything for the DVD: live performance, interviews, ALL the videos, history of the band, etc. When I got the DVD I spent about 3 hours one Saturday afternoon going through the entire thing. So there is a lot of material on here and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Enjoy!
Track Listing

1. The Patriarch
2. Violent Revolution
3. Reconquering The Throne
4. Extreme Aggression
5. People Of The Lie
6. Lost
7. Coma Of Souls
8. All Of The Same Blood
9. Phobia
10. Black Sunrise
11. Pleasure To Kill
12. Renewal
13. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
14. Terrible Certainty
15. Riot Of Violence
16. Terrorzone
17. Betrayer

Bonus Live: Full Force
18. Flag Of Hate
19. Tormentor

Special Features:
History 1982 - 2001

Video Clips Of:
Toxic Trace
People Of The Lie
Leave This World Behind
Chosen Few
Violent Revolution



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