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Shadows Of Our Time
November 2011
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The internet is a great place. You can find anything there. When I read the name of the band Krampus I wondered what the hell it meant. The band name didn’t sound too ’Metal’ and sounded too close to ‘cramp us’. Well, internet be my guide and lo and behold Krampus is one of the coolest band names I’ve come across (now that I know what it means, of course!) I’m surprised no one has picked it before. Krampus is a mythological creature from European, alpine nations and he is the demon-like anti-Santa Claus! His job is too punish the bad children and roams the streets at night scaring the hell out of little children. I kid you not. Way cool…evil Santa. Very Metal.

Name games aside, Krampus debut EP, SHADOWS OF OUR TIME really caught my ear as something special. Hailing from Italy this octet (yes, eight members) play a really awesome blend of folk/death/thrash. It’s not a sound traditionally associated with Italy more generally known for it’s world-renowned symphonic, progressive Power Metal scene. Krampus bring the heavy with this seven cut, 25 minute EP.

One of the immediate highlights for me was the direct and powerful delivery of vocalist Filippio Gianotti. I’m assuming he does the narration as well, he has a great voice with range and power, switching back and forth from rough and cleaner with ease. His voice reminds me a bit of Jens Ryden which is always a good thing. Check out the wicked scream at the beginning of ‘Witches Lullaby’, just after the haunting little intro!

SHADOWS OF OUR TIME is loaded with interesting sonic elements, female vocals are present, in a soprano style, but never overbearing. Lots of more traditional instruments make an appearance such as violin, bagpipes, flute whistles and so on. With these sounds there is a bit of a celtic feel but that seems to be kept under control as the Metal component is pretty fierce for the most part. All these sonic elements accentuate the Metal very nicely. I might draw some comparisons to heavier Cruachan, but a bit faster.

I’m really impressed with this EP. It came out of nowhere and has been in heavy rotation, slowly making it’s way up the list of hundreds of albums in contention for a placing in my top releases of 2011.
Track Listing

1. Echoes from the Ancients
2. Shadows of Our Time
3. Tears of Stone
4. The Rocks of Verden
5. Witches' Lullaby
6. Howl
7. Wooden Memories


Filippo Gianotti -Vocals
Leonardo Rizzi -Lead Guitar
Alessandro-Rythm Guitar, Chorus
Matteo Sisti-Bagpipes, Whistles, Bouzouki
Davide Zamparo-Bass
Tommaso -Keyboards

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