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Shades Of Black
June 2011
Released: 2011, Maple Metal Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

These young Canadian dudes have really got it going on. Although Quebec no longer has an exclusive stranglehold on quality Canadian Metal, these guys do come from Quebec and add to the already impressive array of bands from that area. The quartet churned out a couple of EP’s before being picked up by new-comer Maple Metal Records. I think the label could be destined for success if they keep signing decent acts like Korpius.

The bands full-length debut is a nine-track 38 minute affair that leaves you wanting more. Korpius play a really nice blend of Death and thrash, very musical, lots of attention to songs and lots of good soloing. So often the more extreme projects opt to minimize soling but not these guys. Check out. ‘The Final Charge’ a virtually tour-de-force of guitar heroics, without descending into simple shred. There is also a hint of acoustic guitar as well helping distinguish the bands sound. The dual vocal attack of shriek-ish thrash style and guttural Death style compliment each other nicely.

Overall, SHADES OF BLACK is fast and heavy, really heavy in fact, but never losing site of a good song. The technical proficiency is quite high and it all sounds good; loud, clear production, a nice mix of the instruments…a very fine effort.

First impressions are important. Sonically everything is great. I think the band could stand to establish a bit more of a unique identity and perhaps work on presentation and packaging a bit more. . The lyrics are decent enough, tunes of horror and war being told without slipping into shock or gore. It’s a competitive market and with approx. 18 albums coming out a day, a new young band needs to stand out. Of course the music should be first, as is the case with SHADES OF BLACK. A great debut, well worth checking out.
Track Listing

1. Shades of Black
2. On the Edge
3. Fury
4. Stigmatized
5. Awakening Terror
6. Disillusion
7. At the Point of Death
8. Six Feet Deep
9. The Final Charge


Philippe D'Astous - Guitar, vocals
Maxime Beriault - Guitar, vocals
Félix Lampron-Dandonneau - Bass
Paul Bérard - Drums

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