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October 2003
Released: 2003, Century Media Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

These Brazilian furious death dealers seem to be after for an ultimate war musically constantly... Their “blitzkrieg´ish Death Metal war” just has more destructive and lethal weapons on this new piece of war machine titled WORKS OF CARNAGE than what was ever present on these dudes´ previous act of an ultimate war, AGELESS VENOMOUS that suffered probably a bit too clinical and tamed sound after all.

Well, WORKS OF CARNAGE has been loaded with 10 new Krisiun tunes that pretty much throw you against the wall, metaphorically speaking crushing every single tiny bone in you and putting you begging for more. The Kolesne brothers and Alex Camargo have found their long lost recipe of ´death, decay & blasphemy´ back again for their utterly violent and aggressive sound that makes WORKS OF CARNAGE one helluva listening experience due to the album´s totally punishing, whipping and outrageous deathrashing assaults that follow each other and form a single whole with the content there. The band has managed to create a really wicked and devastating atmosphere on WORKS OF CARNAGE that even occasionally reaches the same winds of fury and an untamed rage that connected the songs on the band´s true landmark release, CONQUERORS OF ARMAGEDDON. I don´t have to lie through my teeth by saying that the guys´ latest act of “war” wouldn´t make most of the Krisiun fans satisfied. Having been listening to such songs as “Murderer”, “Ethereal World”, “Works of Carnage”, etc., I can only make the best and most twisted grin I am able to come up with out of face and raise a toast of victory for these Brazilian bastards for making another fine Krisiun album that really, eh? fuckin´ kills and thrills!!

A usual with Krisiun, expect endless blast beat attacks from Max (he must be half-and-half of machine and human...), a sharp and absolutely wicked guitar work from Moyses and nearly inhuman grunts from Alex whom vocal delivery is absolutely fantastic in my opinion. If that´s not satisfy you well enough (assuming that you want to hear your dose of Death Metal in the loudest, most ruthless and most extreme form!!), then nothing does.

WORKS OF CARNAGE also contains a Venom classic song called “In League with Satan” which in the barbaric hands of this threesome reaches a totally new of extremity. It should also be mentioned that the European version of WORKS OF CARNAGE will contain a bonus track (“They Call Me Death”) with an enhanced video material as bonus, too. WORK OF CARNAGE

means a fuckin´ warfare; it demolishes you, it grinds mercilessly you to dust... the Brazilian way!!
Track Listing

01. Thorns of Heaven
02. Murderer
03. Ethereal World
04. Works of Carnage
05. Slaughtering Void
06. Scourged Centuries
07. War Ritual
08. Wolfen Tyranny
09. Sentinel of the Fallen Earth
10. Shadows
11. In League with Satan (a Venom cover)
12. Outro


Alex Camargo – Vocals, bass
Moyses Kolesne – Guitar
Max Kolesne – Drums

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