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April 2006
Released: n/a, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

The Brazilian death metal trio has returned with their sixth full length album with sweet revenge. Well actually the seventh one if the intermission work “BLOODSHED” is calculated as well. Anyway the Brazilian death metallers haven’t wimped out at all, as the ASSASSINATION continues in the same merciless paved way as the previous albums of Krisiun used to be. The 12 track album definitely presents a pure death metal lesson from the beginning to the end without showing any mercy.

The trio is known for creating an ultimate vicious and above all highly skilled death metal hymns on every album. ASSASSINATION is definitely not any exception in Krisiun’s album catalogue, just proving their skills and ability to keep the quality up on the deadly, but extreme sharp level.

WORKS OF CARNAGE is/was a true slap of neck breaking deadly death speed metal going thru the album with the tight and brutal grip on listeners weren’t let to have any peaceful minute to gasp for any air. The trio didn’t save the energy and rage on that album by any means. Instead ASSASSINATION has been carried out in an opposite direction compared to the previous work, the band have put more groove oriented heaviness into their songs and even a slowed the fast parts down a bit. But that does not mean the trio is aiming to get more recognization in the mainstream metal market.

These three unholy death metallers are true masters of creating evil and catchy tunes and have become extremely talented and skilled with their instruments. It's no wonder they have influenced an entire new genre of the blast beating death metal style, especially the drummer Max Kolesne can be described as one hell of a skinman whose style and skills have set new standards to the approach of drumming in the death metal genre. It's impossible to praise each song cos the album as a whole is such a neckbreaking experience that every dm freak should pick up it for sure.

Krisiun has definitely conquered the elite league of the death metal genre a long time by putting out such a killer and strong release as ASSASSINATION. It proves it is more than difficult to dethrone the throne of these Brazilian death metallers.

The album was mixed by former Holy Moses man Andy Classen. Classen definitely knows how to produce and turn the extreme death metal approach to the maximum level of intensity and brutality and still keeps the sounds lethal, but above all massive great.
Track Listing

1. Bloodcraft
2. Natural Genocide
3. Vicious Wrath
4. Refusal
5. H.o.g. (house Of God)
6. Father's Perversion
7. Suicidal Savagery
8. Doomed
9. United In Deception
10. Decimated
11. Summon
12. Sweet Revenge


Alex Camargo vocals/bass
Moyses Kolesne guitars
Max Kolesne drums

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