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Knock Out Kaine
House Of Sin
September 2012
Released: 2012, Dust On The Tracks Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

I cannot help but think how many more of these bands are we going to get? British rockers Knock Out Kaine are another 80s style glam revival band, sounding more like Firehouse than say Crashdiet. Conceived in 2005, the band started catching the attention of labels and fans in 2008, largely on the strength of their live shows. Impossible to ignore is that Ray Staff mastered the album HOUSE OF SIN, the very same guy that mastered the legendary Zeppelin album PHYSICAL GRAFFITI, among other giants of music such as Black Sabbath.

Musically, Knock Out Kaine has the right moves and that vintage feel that leans more hard rock than sleaze. Good songs abound, and the production really gives it a grooving punch. Look no further than “Little Crystal” to get your ass off the couch and reach for an ice cold brew. It is a damn infectious tune, maybe the best one on an album that has a wealth of killer tracks. Vocally, Dean Foxx is perfectly adequate but not really bringing anything original to the game. Likewise the guitar solos are well executed and vintage, the band content to blast away in a style that rarely undergoes much innovation but is played with confident faithfulness to the past. Also worth noting is that this band avoids the slightly heavier, punky elements that the Scandinavian revival band have embraced, so you get more Kik Tracee than Hardcore Superstar.

No complaints at all with this, and if you have not heard much of the swiftly growing collection of sleaze/glam revival albums in the last few years, then you will find this a welcome blast from a nostalgic past. However, fans that have been occupying themselves with Dirty Penny, Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx and countless other revival bands lately, will not find anything here that is newer or better than what those bands are already offering. So in sum, this is worth some listens and ideal for some background drinking music while loading up the Playstation, but there is not anything that will distinguish HOUSE OF SIN amongst the legion of similar albums from like-minded bands practicing this style.
Track Listing

1. The Welcome
2. House of Sins
3. Liquor Up
4. Little Cristal
5. Set the Night on Fire
6. Backstreet Romeo
7. Skinstar
8. Coming Home
9. Going down (She goes)
10. Time
11. Somebody save me
12. Moving On


Dean Foxx - Lead Vox
Jimmy Bohemian - Guitar
Lee Byrne - Bass
Danny Krash - Drums

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