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Violent Revolution
September 2001
Released: 2001, SPV Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

How many times have you read in interviews about a band promising a return to their roots? The long time fans in turn get excited and the album is hyped and talked about…job done right? Nope! More often then not it’s half assed and the end result is not the return to roots that was hoped for. When I interviewed Kreator lead vocalist, Mille Petrozza, in 2000 he said, “Kreator stands for extreme music and the next record will be very extreme…” Well I’m here to tell you that this time around the promise has indeed been kept and VIOLENT REVOLUTION is a return to the more aggressive thrash metal style. The bottom line is, if you loved EXTREME AGGRESSION (1987) and COMMA OF SOULS (1990) then you will be in thrash metal heaven with this album!!

The album bursts forth with the track “Reconquering the Throne” which is a apt title considering that (in my opinion) this is exactly what Kreator have done with this album – they have reclaimed the throne as the kings of thrash metal. The hallmarks of what makes Kreator great are all present – angry aggressive rhythms, ripping leads, thoughtful lyrics, monstrous drumming and most importantly Mille’s vocal style is back to the venomous roar from albums of the past. The darker and moodier vocals and song styles from the previous album, ENDORAMA (1999), are virtually non-existent (which I know many people will be happy about). The only song this vocal style arises is on the beginning of the track “Replicas of Life”. Thankfully none of Mille’s monotone bark-like vocals, that were all over their RENEWAL album, show up either. They were ok for a change but I remember when that album came out - I was quite confused as to what happened to his voice. I thought he had developed a bad sore throat hehe! Back to the album at hand - songs like “Violent Revolution” and “All of the Same Blood (Unity)” sound like they could of come from the a follow up album to EXTREME AGGRESSION. The thing that makes this slightly different from the aforementioned album is melody. Not every song has an extra abundance of melody, but it’s clear the effects of time have given Mille a better sense of melody and even better song writing ability. “Servant In Heaven / King In Hell” has to get an honorable mention here…the simple yet effective repeat echo on word “hell” in this song does it for me. Yes perhaps it’s cheesy to some, but sometimes it’s the small things that amuse us right? “Second Awakening” also deserves mention – brutal, fast, sounding more like older Kreator but played with more finesse. There is no bad song on here, so rather then pick apart the entire CD let’s just say if you’re a fan of the two Kreator albums I mentioned above you will also be very pleased with this!

To all the thrash bands out there today who add death and/or black metal to attempt to make their sound heavier…they need to listen to this album because it tears just about all of them a new one! This is THRASH!!!


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