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Justifiably Pissed
May 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Klaymore a four piece contingent who play 'Heavy Metal' from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania have kept themselves fairly busy since the release of their original EP New Breed in 2013 and are now set to get the ball rolling again for 'Justifiably Pissed.' A new six track episode of rash riffage, rolling double kicks, bullish bass lines and a voice that could pierce right through a sandwich bag with minimal fuss. The members are all pretty much in their early twenties and although a person's age should not always be taken into consideration, it becomes quite noticeable as the song writing style comes off as a bit pre-pubescent at times rather than being mature and dignified. But this is what Klaymore are all about, live young play fast and corrupt some young lady's cervix with minimal input.

They get started with 'Burn' which starts off with promise of some fire and pace but as soon as the build up breaks, Lee Prisby opens his mouth and spouts off the old James Hetfield vocal homage that makes you want to fly kick an unsuspecting giraffe with inconsolable rage. It isn't something that should still be so aggravating but it is really just so predictable and the cheesometer almost explodes passed its standard measuring levels and with the genre being already up at the limits, it doesn't come off well. I don't think Klaymore really care as it is all just a bit of fun, and why not. Burn doesn't set the world afire but it gives a pretty clear representation of what the band are about. Lee Prisby doesn't milk this vocal range (so to speak) for long as he has is own range which can really reach some of the high notes.

Klaymore's influences shine through as the EP progresses to 'Peregrine' which brings in some agreeable guitar dueling and ends with an impressive display of Prisby's extensive scream. 'Caught in your web' also carries the cheddar enriched flag of Klaymore. One thing Klaymore do possess is a good level of consistency in their style and songwriting abilities. The songs are short, fast and have a similar body of instrumentation which all in all contribute to a strong identity for the band. 'Queen of the sky' keeps an upbeat tempo and atmosphere as does 'Out of sight' which comes off as a tribute to some desperate 50 year old withered Judas Priest groupie who's raging libido and attachment to the band has cornered them into obtaining a restraining order. Sadly the song is not about this but it gave me that inclination.

The EP wraps up with 'Demons' which fails to inspire any dark fear of satanic possession but it fits in well to the previous tracks of the EP. It stands as the longest serving of the EP and may just have had the most thought invested in it in terms of a layering and structure. The Metal that Klaymore create is enjoyable to a certain degree but there's just such an air of its all been done before but we're still celebrating it anyways. It's a fairly good piece of music that has its merits and will be easily translatable to a large audience but I've heard a lot of bands who come off the same as Klaymore so I am not wholly confident that they'll shine brightest out the bunch. They are young and they possess a love for good classic metal bands that will stand them in good stead for producing more material in the future.

Review By: Pete Mutant
Track Listing

1. Burn
2. Peregrine
3. Queen of the Sky
4. Caught in Your Web
5. Out of Sight
6. Demons


Lee Prisby - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Dan Sudano - Guitar
Jesse Prisby - Bass
Bob Moore - Drums

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