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Kivimetsan Druidi
January 2009
Released: 2008, n/a
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Dick Ward

My teachers used to tell me “Dick, you’ve got a lot of potential, you just don’t apply yourself”, and that’s how I feel about Kivimetsan Druidi. They’re really one of those bands that really should be better than they are. Having been around since 2005, they really embraced the things that really seem to make the Finnish metal explosion so great. They’re fast, they have a pretty good female singer, plenty of screams, and some light folk influence. It should have come together and been wonderful, but sadly, it didn’t.

The album, SHADOWHEART, which would have been a way better band name than Kivimetsan Druidi, starts out with a fairly generic intro. A fairly dull string melody ending with a single note held leads right in to a drum beat that’s far too fast for its own good. The point, evidently, it to show contrast between the slow intro and the fast second song, but it just comes off poorly.

From there it’s all pretty standard. The band doesn’t seem to have a clear focus, but songs like “Jaasa Varttunut” that stress the folk sound come off as the best and most original. The more moderate pace allows more room for Leeni-Maria’s singing and Joni’s screams, though drummer Atte Marttinen seems obsessed with adding blast beats in every song, even though they’re rarely appropriate. Whether intentionally goofy or not, “Mustan Valtikan Aika” is a riot. With a fast paced accordion through most of the song, it’s fun to listen to, and certainly the most interesting song on the album.

Kivimetsan Druidi is just one of those bands that fills the gaps. In between releases of better bands, they’ll feed that craving for new music. Don’t go out of the way to pick up SHADOWHEART unless you just need to buy something, it’s just not that great.
Track Listing

1. Northwind-Prelude
2. Blacksmith
3. Jaasa Varttunut
4. Halls of Shadowheart
5. Pedon Loitsu
6. Burden
7. The Tyrant
8. Tiarnach-Verinummi
9. Verivala
10. Korpin Laulu
11. Mustan Valtikan Aika


Leeni-Maria Hovila – Vocals
Joni Koskinen – Guitars
Simo Lehtonen – Guitar
Antti Rinkinen – Bass
Antti Koskinen - Keyboards
Atte Marttinen– Drums

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