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Kissing Candice
Blind Until We Burn
September 2015
Released: 2015, Victory Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Long Island's Kissing Candice are another mask wearing band that get the Slipknot comparison, which except for the masks is completely unwarranted. Their sound and style is a mix of industrial, metalcore and a bit of nu metal. This mixture of sounds should make for some interesting listening, yet sadly it does not deliver. There is something missing in their mix of clean vocals and the Dez Farfara style growls, it just does not mashup well.

The album "Blind Until We Burn" has some catchy songs, like opener "Unloaded" and "Chart Topper" with their electronic vibe and chunky guitars. "Tusk" is a song that sounds similar to Spineshank's "New Disease" for the chorus, especially with harmony style of the vocals. "Miss direction" is alright till the chorus kicks in, the sing along aspect of the song would go down well live due to the energy.

"Recycled Lie" is one of the sparks of light on this album which works well with its powerful chords, heavy riff and good grooves. "Put Them Up" just seems messy as it doesn't know what it is, and "Shop Smart" is awful with a computer sample in the middle which is just unnecessary. Next up is "Decomposer" that has some questionable lyrics, but the chorus does have some potential. The crunchy guitars on "Roach Motel" are quite good and the sample usage is better. We end with "Slugworth" which is a quality song in places, and makes for a great album finisher.

Overall they are yet another band for the teens, I just do not understand the appeal. The album has some potential. The band are at their best when it is heavy groove metal, with that industrial power. But there just isn't enough of it to make this an album complete, it never finds the right balance unfortunately. I think people seeing them live will enjoy the catchy quality of the songs, but in general this was nothing that I haven't heard before in the past 20 years from the incarnation of nu metal. I think "Blind Until We Burn" will appeal to some, but its just not for me.

By Joanna Wilson
Track Listing

01 Unloaded
02 My Perfect Hell
03 Chart Topper
04 Tusk
05 Misdirection
06 Recycled LIE
07 Put Em Up
08 Shop Smart
09 Mistaken For Manson
10 Decomposer
11 Roach Motel
12 KPM
13 Slugworth


Joey Simpson - Vocals
Tommy Sciro - Guitar
Walter Dicristina - Guitar
Mike Grippo - Bass
Tommy Vinton - Drums

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