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Scooby-Doo And Kiss-Rock And Roll Mystery (DVD)
October 2015
Released: 2015, Warner Brothers
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Kiss, Halloween and cartoon characters go hand in hand. It is no secret that Gene Simmons is an avowed fan of comics and super-heroes and the band have always been real-life cartoon super-heroes. A project like this has his fingerprints (tongue-print?) all over it.

This was released pretty much straight to DVD with a fairly nice cover too. The cartoon runs a little under an hour and a half and comes with a simple bonus feature and blooper reel of Kiss goofing around and messing up some lines. The story is a fairly simple standard Scooby-Doo Mystery template about the gang solving a mystery in a Kiss theme park that is haunted by a ghost/witch. If you are familiar with the Hanna-Barbara cartoon characters they run through the paces with chase scenes laced with music (Kiss naturally) and some simple gags. About two-thirds of the way through, movie takes a surprising turn from standard mystery stuff and swerves into a fairly weird, Sci-Fi, mystical interstellar / inter-dimensional journey and battle with various creatures. Kiss naturally have super-powers corresponding to their characters. The animation is top-notch and has a slight Asian look and style which is not surprising after watching the credits it seems much if it was done in Korea.

For the Kiss fan this thing is loaded with in-jokes and Kiss references. Some of the characters names are references, for example one female character is named Shandi Strutter , named after two Kiss songs. Not surprisingly all the female characters are surprisingly well-endowed. Perhaps that is Gene's influence again? Their Manager doc McGhee makes an appearance in amusing cameo with a repeating gag and the band is not afraid to make fun of themselves. There is also a great running gag about Kiss merchandising. I don't think it will spoil anything if I tell you the two teams (Kiss and the Scooby gang) settle their differences and work together to save the universe with the power of rock and roll. I'd be more shocked if it didn't end that way! There are six classic Kiss songs and one brand new, original Kiss song which is a bit of a joke to tie into the movie, it's not a full-on, new Kiss composition they are likely to ever play live.

Some people might question the validity of reviewing this fun kids cartoon on, but we all know Kiss is Metal and besides, I've reviewed the other Kiss comics as well as the comic, Kiss meets Archie so why not? As a buddy of mine said, this is the movie Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park should have been. I don't believe in the concept of guilty pleasures. I feel no guilt for enjoying this but I realize the rating is probably high for what it is (a kids cartoon) and for this site; it is strictly my bias that has this rated at 3.5.

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