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August 2012
Released: 2012, Sonic Attack
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Kadavrik are a German death metal band whose emphasis upon singing in German, in four of the songs is definitely a quality that gives the band a notable quality from their peers. This is their third album and with a recent tour supporting Napalm Death, you can be sure that these guys pull no punches in their assault upon the senses record N.O.A.H.

Opening with, ‘Legacy’ the heavy riffs, lightning fast drumming and vocals reminiscent of Arch Enemy, the German death metallers show a true mastery of the genre. With double kick pedal plays over riffs and guitar solos striking with vibrancy they show no signs of relenting. The use of keys provides an extra layer of ascension into the epic and colossal weight of the song.

‘Adiposit Obstipation’ opens with heavy head banging guitar riffs and pounding drums. The death metal vocals and high pitched shrieks work harmoniously in the destructive mix, whilst the guitarist’s exercise their use of techy solos.

Next up, ‘Dream and Vision’ Launches into a powerful drumming onslaught, as the guitars glide across the song while vocally everything appears as bleak as ever. Meanwhile, the solos help digest some of the chaos they also providing a great platform to get the adrenaline pumping and mosh pits brewing.

Creating some room for experimentation, ‘High Rolling’ divulges their orchestral undertones to take centre stage as the lead guitar and heavier riffs explode into disarray of deep throated growling with an eerie breakdown woven into the mist of noise and thunderous drumming. Clean vocals intervene into inject some light into the darkness, whilst the lead guitar disperses into a well written clean guitar melody, one that should please fans of Dark Tranquillity.

Between ecstasy and Lethargy: guitars drive through a sinister procession of riffs and guitar hooks, but the paint stripping vocals soar throughout as the speedy drums show no signs of relenting. The piano breakdown offers some much welcomed delicacy into the carving of this bleak and desolate landscape.

The brief instrumental, ‘Marae’ is a welcome addition to the track list, as the clean guitar melody as the bass takes prominence, which reminds the listener just how talented each member of the band is.

Cranking the volume up, ‘Let The Blood Boil Tonight’ shifts back into full speed of charging riffs, drums and demonic vocal assortment, surging with energy from guitars’ fret boarded wizardry.

‘Von Zertorung Und Neuanfang’ showcases some of the best lead guitar and melodic transition within the album and should get most air guitar fans flexing their skills at shows.

Finally, ‘Tragodie’ opens with a morbid slow riff swaying back and forth, creating a borderline apocalyptic density as vocally everything is fully charged within a twisted narrative that could lead humanity to its impending doom. An unexpected and eye-brow raising drum solo intervenes and helps to speed things up, whilst the outro disperses into a layering of keys that give the album that curtain falling quality to signify the end of a journey that for the most part has been quite epic.

In a nutshell, this record is really something quite special. Its unqiue blend of melody and unexpected transitions is what keeps your attention glued to the speakers and with very little criticise within their actual song writing and production of the album the only thing that would be interesting, for me personally, would be a further elaboration upon their orchestral tendencies could make these guys on the verge of something quite extraordinary. However, this being said it is their brutal display of death metal which oozes with passion and talent for making hard hitting songs that will leave a lasting impression upon listeners. Buy this album and get your much needed fix.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Legacy
2. Adiposit Obstipation
3. Dream and Vision
4. High Rollin’
5. Between Ecstasy and Lethargy
6. Marae
7. Let The Blood Boil Tonight
8. Rubgeschwarzt
9. Von Zerstorung Und Neuanfang
10. Die Flut Sind Wir
11. Tragodie


Niklas Preach (Guitars, Vox, Music & Lyrics)
Oliver Rude (Bass, & Backing Vox)
Chris Boss (Guitars)
Hateful Han Of Hate (Keys & Samples)
Frank the Tank (Drums, Lyrics

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