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Kingdom Come
Rendered Waters
March 2011
Released: 2011, SPV
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Kingdom Come has never had much support on this site. In fact in the eyes of many (especially North American media) the band has been a non-entity for years and yet Kingdom Come still keep going. After forming in 1987 releasing three albums in North America, which were (in my opinion) unduly slagged, Lenny Wolf packed up, went home to Germany and kept going for the last two decades releasing album after album. So here we are at the bands 25th anniversary of sorts they have decided to release an album comprised mostly of remade versions of the songs from the first three albums.

Kingdom Come have joined the ranks of about 50 other bands who have released an album of re-recordings of old material, but considering it is the 25th anniversary, it kinda makes sense to dust off those old gems. When I first heard about RENDERED WATERS I knew it could have been a brilliant reworking of under-rated songs or a colossal train-wreck. I’m pleased report it turns out to be the former.

Wolf makes some wise choices and doesn’t just redo the hit singles from those albums and add a modern production. He actually rearranges them and fully re-recorded them. Some tunes get heavier and faster, some get slower and more somber. Some of the songs fans might not even instantly recognize. It was a brave and ambitious choice to start the album with a crunchy, heavier version of ‘Can’t Deny’ a deep track from HANDS OF TIME. All the remakes are significantly different adding that much more value to this record.

Another nice little bonus are three brand new tracks. They are all classic Kingdom Come, perhaps even a shade heavier than some previous albums keeping in line with the tone of the album. The production is big, loud and modern nicely bringing out the tones on these trio of 70’s inspired hard rock tunes. Lenny’s voice is still in great shape too.

One last thing, don’t believe the comments about Kingdom Come not being a ‘real’ band and KC is really only the Lenny Wolf Project with a revolving door of musicians. The guitarist (Eric) and bassist (Frank) have been in the band for over a decade (four albums) and the tightness shows in RENDERED WATERS. This remake album is mandatory for long-time fans and a great place to revisit the band if you lost track of them over the years.
Track Listing

01. Can't Deny
02. The Wind
03. Blue Trees (new song)
04. Should I
05. I've Been Trying
06. Pushing Hard
07. Seventeen
08. Is It Fair Enough (new song)
09. Living Out Of Touch
10. Don't Remember (new song)
11. Break Down The Wall


Lenny Wolf-Vocals
Eric Forster-Guitar
Frank Binke
Nada Rahy-Drums

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