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Kingdom Come
Ain’t Crying For The Moon
November 2006
Released: 2006, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is the follow-up to Kingdom Come’s 2004 release, PERPETUAL. Today, Kingdom Come is no longer a band; instead, it’s Lenny Wolf’s solo band. Why even call the band Kingdom Come when it’s only one remaining member left? He writes everything on his own and he hires session musicians to record his stuff, just as he does when it comes to live shows.

PERPETUAL wasn’t a killer album, to say the least, and this is unfortunately the case with this album as well. Kingdom Come still plays the same old 70’s retro hardrock, but it all sounds incredibly boring and uninspired. Wolf plays all of the instruments by himself except for the lead guitar on three tracks and piano and cello on one track.

The only positive thing about the album is Wolf’s voice, which sounds as good as ever. The rest of the album isn’t much to get excited about. AIN’T CRYING FOR THE MOON is way too long and features too many songs for its own good. There’s not one of the 13 songs that leaves a lasting impression, and there aren’t any killer tracks whatsoever.

AIN’T CRYING FOR THE MOON should only be bought by true Lenny Wolf lovers and not by anyone else. This is just as boring as the previous album and maybe it wouldn’t hurt Wolf to hire someone else to play the instruments and let him focus on writing the material. If he did that then maybe he could deliver a fun and energetic album for once.
Track Listing

Two Legged Sheep
Not Here To Be Your Friend
Same Old Stars
Ain’t Crying For The Moon
Perfect Citizen
This Is My Life
Bon Scott
Removed The Sting
Friends In Spirit
Look At You
Across The Universe
Get It On (2006 version)


Lenny Wolf – all instruments, lead vocals
Eric Förster – guitar solo on song 4,5,13
Hendrik Thiesbrummel – piano song 4
Hagen Kuhr – cello song 4

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